Bhagya Lakshmi 1 March 2024 Episode Update: Shalu saying Rohan is like Paro

Bhagya Lakshmi 1 March 2024 Episode, Written Update on Video episode 1st March 2024

The occasion starts with Shalu saying Rohan is like Paro, as she looks at the paper aeroplane
. She’s about to open it, when she finds the milk boiling and switches off the clump. She looks for the paper aeroplane and gets it. She says she’ll write the computations to give to Chacho. Rano calls her. Shalu says she’ll live for 1000 times, and picks the call. Rano asks how is everyone? Shalu says fine. Rano asks if the megacity boy is still there? Shalu tells that Rohan is then due to the scholars exchange program and will stay with us. Rohan asks her to be careful, and says you people were betrayed before by megacity joe, and asks about Lakshmi. Shalu says di and gets silent.

Chacha ji takes call and asks her to give call to Lakshmi. Shalu says Di came to Mumbai for academy work and will return home. Chacha ji asks her to ask Lakshmi to come then. Rano takes the call and asks Shalu not to shoot Lakshmi home. Shalu says Di isn’t coming there. Chacha ji says she can come to meet me. Rano says you know what had happed also, Lakshmi was poorly disrespected by Oberoi family and she’s dead for them, and tells that indeed we did n’t have relation with them. She says Lakshmi is living peaceful life now. Shalu calls Lakshmi and asks if she met someone from Rishi’s house. Lakshmi says no and says she’s returning, and has picked Rohan’s bag with her.

Shalu says she told Chacha that she’ll come back to vill. She says Chacha ji was sad, but Chachi was ok, you know how is she. Lakshmi says she isn’t wrong and ends the call. Neelam is still worried with Paro and tells that she’ll asks Rishi to bring Rohan back. Rishi comes there and gets upset for Neelam, asks how did this be? Neelam says I’m fine and asks him to worry for Rohan. She says Rohan mustn’t be fine. Rishi says he talks to him daily and he’s happy and fine. Anushka tells that moment they had gone to Gurudwara and met Paro. Rishi says Paro is lovable , important innocent though she talks further, but addresses lovely. Neelam says also Rohan is putrid. Rishi asks why you’re saying this? Neelam says Paro disrespected me. Rishi says I know her veritably well, she do n’t act up with anyone.

Neelam says I was disrespected because of her and tells everything that Paro asks her to do seva by working for them, and not by giving stuff to them. Karishma says we were staying for her mama. Anushka says she came and left. Neelam says I wanted to educate her good mores and tells that she’ll not let Rohan stay there, as he’ll get bad values there. Rishi tells Neelam that Rohan will stay in the academy and not at schoolteacher’s house. He tells that he’s sure that Rohan won’t get putrefied there, and tells that he ca n’t believe that Paro can act up as her mama has given her good values. Karishma asks Neelam to call her. Neelam says she’ll talk to her face to face to educate her a assignment. She says Rishi is sure that Rohan won’t get loot there, and I’m sure that I’ll not let her spoil.

Lakshmi gets down at Gurdaspur’s machine stage. The machine captain checks Rohan’s bag and takes his bag. He asks Lakshmi if Rohan’s bag is hers, and asks her to tell Rohan full name. Lakshmi says Rohan Oberoi. He asks her to tell his full name. Rishi thinks Paro has good values to work in Gurudwara and thinks do n’t know when he’ll meet her mama. The old lady tells captain that the girl( Lakshmi) ca n’t take her hubby’s name. She asks Lakshmi to take her bag and asks if her hubby did n’t come to pick her up. Lakshmi looks on. Ranjeet sees Lakshmi and offers to drop her home. Lakshmi says she’ll go by herself. Ranjeet says she’s deadly in wrathfulness. He follows her on the bike and tries to move her to take lift. Shalu comes there in gharry and says sorry, and says I did n’t see the time. She sees Ranjeet. Lakshmi says he offered to drop me home. Shalu says he’s bad, I want to poke him. Lakshmi asks her not to see. They sit in the gharry. Ranjeet gets worried. Lakshmi asks Shalu about Dadi and Rohan. Shalu says Dadi is fine and Rohan is staying in academy installation room. A girl tells Paro that Pinky said that she does n’t have a father. Paro shouts at Pinky and tells that her father is like Rohan’s father, suppose that he’s her father. In academy room, Rohan tells schoolteacher that he wants to stay in Lakshmi schoolteacher’s house. star comes and tells him that he ca n’t go there and has to stay then for the program.

Rohan insists to stay in Lakshmi’s house for his happiness and tells that he’s deficient without her. He says let me go. star looks on. Shalu gives masala milk to Lakshmi and asks if she wants to have food. Lakshmi tells that she had commodity on the way. Shalu asks if she metMr. Oberoi. Lakshmi says no. She tells about Gurudwara incident and says Paro met a rich woman there, and had made her understand what’s seva and how it’s done. Shalu says she’s our Dadi. Lakshmi says that lady got worried, but the people took Paro’s side and made the lady quiet. Shalu says we’ve brought her up. She asks whom he met in his house. Lakshmi says someone got sprained in the house, she took the bag and came. Rohan comes there and hugs her. star tells that she did n’t want him to be bad and home sick and that’s why he brought him then. Lakshmi says you did right and says the other boys can stay then. star says they’re settled there. Rohan says I’ll stay with you and hugs her. Rishi is restless and could n’t sleep. Ayush brings icecream for them and asks if he’s not getting sleep. Paro misses Lakshmi. She sees someone going from outside the room, gets spooked. She says Maa isn’t then, differently I would have slept on her stage. She closes her eyes to sleep. Lakshmi makes Rohan sleep on her stage. She recalls and once memory is shown where she’s holding a baby in her hand. She gets sad.

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