Hellas Direct makes school crossings


Hellas Direct celebrates #safefriday again this year: It goes out into the streets and builds crossings in schools.

The action, which started a year ago and continues, is Hellas Direct’s conscious choice to bypass the temporary Black Friday sales and focus on something of greater importance and duration. To everyone’s safety.

The warm reception of last year’s #safefriday showed that there are many who share the concern for the safe movement of children on their most regular route, the one to school.

The many requests that reach Hellas Direct every day for the painting of school crossings confirm that the needs are great. Equally great is the interest of municipalities, school managements, parents’ associations and individual citizens – and their willingness both to inform about problematic points and to help with actions.

In the time between last year and this year, the umbrella program of this action, the Safe Roads project, continued. The specialist crew with the Safe Road project van still go where needed to fix potholes and faded crossings. The actions are implemented in cooperation with the municipalities, with the permission of the competent authorities and always respecting the corresponding specifications.

That’s why, for everyone’s safety, Hellas Direct continues, instead of Black Friday, #safefriday. She doesn’t care if it’s her business or not. She cares about prevention and early mobilization. He wants to have an active role in the community and solve problems.

So #safefriday continues this year out there. Wherever it needs.

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