Kundali Bhagya 22 March 2024 episode Written Update: Mahesh tells Karan that

Kundali Bhagya 22 March 2024 episode written Update on Googewith.com. Video Update episode 22nd March 2024.

Kundali Bhagya 22 March 2024 occasion begins with Mahesh tells Karan that the ultimate is successful businessman but failed to take care of his family. He says that Nidhi would not have took this decision if Karan took care of her also. Karan tells Mahesh that he noway allowed Nidhi will do commodity like this. Mahesh says that commodity big happed in between Karan and Nidhi that is why she took this decision because she isn’t weak. He adds that Nidhi did Shaurya’s parenting and Karan did nothing to help her. Karan tells Mahesh that he just tried to explain commodity to Nidhi.

Mahesh asks Karan to live in the present and forget the history. Kareena comes there and tells Karan that Nidhi took this drastic step because of him. She takes Mahesh from there to complete the paper work. Karan goes to sanitarium tabernacle. He asks God to give him strength to handle this situation. He says that Nidhi’s this decision affected Shaurya the most and he can not handle Shaurya. And says that his family is condemning him. He requests God to help him handle his woman and his children.

Preeta hears everything. On the other hand, Anshuman thinks that this is stylish chance to get his asset papers which he lost to Karan. He calls Rajveer and tells the ultimate to go to Luthra house and steal his asset papers from there. Rajveer refuses to steal. Anshuman says that this is stylish chance to take vengeance on Karan. He asks Rajveer to take advantage of this situation. Rajveer agrees to steal. He sees Palki and decides to talk to her latterly. He leaves from there. Palki feels bad that Rajveer didn’t talk to her. In the sanitarium, Preeta asks Karan to not cry.

Karan asks Preeta why she’s crying. She tells him that she isn’t suitable to see him like this. She says that she feels like she can understand Karan’s pain. Karan thinks that Preeta can feel his and Shaurya’s pain. She informs him that Nidhi tried to commit self-murder before. She reveals the kitchen incident. Kareena tells Karan about the police appearance. Anshuman calls intelligence analyst Shukla and informs him that a businessman’s woman tried to commit self-murder, and she’s admitted in the sanitarium.

Shukla tells thanks to Anshuman and leaves for megacity sanitarium. Anshuman says that Karan’s destruction started and no bone can save Karan. Police inspector asks Karan that whether the ultimate is reason for Nidhi’s decision. Shaurya tells Police inspector to give respect to Karan. He says that Karan Nidhi with him.

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