Kundali Bhagya 25 March 2024 episode Written Update: Anshuman calls Rajveer

Kundali Bhagya 25 March 2024 episode written Update on Googewith.com. Video Update episode 25th March 2024.

Kundali Bhagya 25 March 2024 scene starts with Anshuman calls Rajveer and inquires about his record. Rajveer tells Anshuman that he found the record, but he did not take it, and he is in the healing center presently. Anshuman insults Rajveer for fair talk and almost exact retribution. He says that Rajveer never does anything for his exact retribution. Rajveer tells Anshuman that it’s his exact retribution, and he knows what he is doing. He asks Anshuman not to say what he ought to do and detaches the call. Anshuman says that Rajveer went off-base. He calls the analyst and asks him why Karan did not get captured, however. An analyst tells Anshuman that police are in the healing center and that Karan will get arrested before long.

The doctor tells Luthras that Nidhi is in basic condition, and they are attempting their best to spare her and go inside. Media correspondents come there and question Luthras about Nidhi’s suicide endeavor. Shaurya observes this in breaking news and gets irate. A media columnist asks Shaurya to tell the truth if he needs equity for Nidhi at that point. He inquires about Karan and Nidhi’s fight.

Shaurya says that Karan and Nidhi never carried on like typical spouses. He also says that he won’t save Karan if anything happens to Nidhi at that point. A media correspondent tells Karan that the law is breaking even for everybody, so the last mentioned can’t elude. Rakhi tells them that they do not know the truth. She advises them that Karan brought Nidhi to the clinic. A media columnist says that Karan would have been sentenced to imprisonment if he had not spared Nidhi at that point. Mahesh told them to take off from there. The media correspondent denies taking off from there.

The police auditor comes there and asks Karan to come to the police station. Luthras guards Karan. Media columnists report on Karan’s capture. The police auditor says that he needs a conversation with Nidhi. Karan tells the police reviewer that Nidhi is in basic condition, so she can’t talk to anybody. The police auditor captures Karan and takes him from there. Dadi tells Mahesh to call the lawyer.

Later, the police examiner takes Karan to the police station. Media columnists report on Karan’s capture. Anshuman gets cheerful after observing the news. He calls Shukla and inquires about getting Shaurya’s interview.

Rakhi asks Mahesh what he is doing in the healing center. Mahesh tells her that he talked to a legal counselor. He says that Shaurya is expanding their issues. He appears at Shaurya’s meeting with his family. Preeta observes the news and says that media correspondents are controlling Shaurya. Rajveer, too, observes the news. On the other side, Daljeet, Shanaya, and Palki observe the news and learn about Nidhi’s suicide endeavor and Karan’s arrest.

Preeta reproves media columnists for controlling Shaurya. She says that media correspondents do not care about Luthra’s feelings, and they are taking advantage of the circumstances. She takes Shaurya inside. A specialist tells Luthras not to remain there since Karan got captured. Preeta tells Shaurya that Luthras are his family, and their regard is his regard. She asks him how he can deliver meet like that.

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