Yeh Hai Chahatein 21 March 2024 episode Written Update: Kaashvi tells Aditya

Yeh Hai Chahatein 21 March 2024 Episode, Written Update on Video episode 21st March 2024.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 21 March 2024 occasion begins with Kaashvi tells Aditya that she knows how it feels to live without a father. She says that she didn’t want Karun to go through that, which is why she came there. She reminds him that he knows what Karun has faced lately. She asks him to apologize to Karun. Aditya apologizes to the schoolteacher for overreacting. A schoolteacher asks Aditya to apologize to Karun and Arjun. Aditya apologizes to Karun. Karun tells Aditya that it’s fine. Arjun asks Aditya whether the ultimate said anything.

Aditya apologizes to Arjun. A schoolteacher announces that the stylish family is the Bajwa family. Karun takes Arjun and Kaashvi to collect the award. Aditya murmurs that he planned a commodity for Arjun. He thinks that Sushma is in jail because of Arjun. He tells Kaashvi that they should go home. Karun asks Kaashvi if she will celebrate his success with him. Arjun understands that Aditya does not like Kaashvi spending time with him and Karun. He thinks that he does not want Aditya to produce problems for Kaashvi. He tells Karun that academy fun and games are nearly over, so let Kaashvi go with Aditya.

On the coming day, Aditya tells Arjun that they’re going to the bank because there’s a theft. Arjun tells Aditya that he’ll call their platoon. Aditya tells Arjun that the police platoon reached the bank previously. He thinks that this charge is dangerous, which is why he’s taking Arjun with him. Later, a police inspector informs Aditya that four terrorists are inside the bank. Aditya asks a police inspector about terrorist demands. The police inspector says that the terrorists want a flight vehicle, four passports, and the gold and cash that are kept in the bank portmanteau. Aditya takes the mic and asks terrorists to release hostages.

A terrorist tells Aditya that they need a croaker now. Arjun tells the police inspector to call the croaker. Aditya says there is no need for that because Arjun is their croaker. He asks Arjun to go outside in the croaker get up. He reminds Arjun that the ultimate has experience in this. Arjun says that this situation is different because hostages are huge. Aditya says that he’ll negotiate with terrorists. He asks Arjun to gather all the information. He adds that he’ll give the pellet evidence jacket to Arjun, and this country needs Arjun.

Arjun says that he’ll save the hostages. Aditya asks the police inspector to arrange everything. He thinks that he’ll save hostages, and he’s sure Arjun will not return alive. Kaashvi learns that Aditya took Arjun for bank thievery charges. Aditya tells Arjun not to vacillate to risk his life to save hostages. Arjun goes outside. Kaashvi comes there. She asks Aditya why he transferred Arjun outside. Aditya tells Kaashvi that Arjun has the experience to handle this kind of situation.

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