Yeh Hai Chahatein 4 March 2024 Episode Video Update:

Yeh Hai Chahatein 4 March 2024 Episode, Video Update on Video episode 4th March 2024

Occasion begins with Arjun and Kaashvi realises that Aditya shot Aman. Aditya asks Kaashvi that whether she’s fine. Kaashvi nods at him. Arjun asks Aditya that how the ultimate know they’re there. Aditya tells Arjun that he anticipated this question from the ultimate. He reveals that his men were keeping an eye on Kaashvi for her protection. He says that he’s upset about Sushma because she ca n’t digest Aman’s death. Kaashvi apologizes to him. She blames herself for everything. Aditya asks her to not feel shamefaced. He says that he’d to shot Aman to cover Kaashvi. Police comes there. After some time, Vicky tells Arjun that Aman is dead so Kaashvi is safe. Arjun tells Vicky that problem isn’t over yet because commodity is missing. He says that it’s hard to believe that Aditya killed Aman. He adds that Aditya could have shot on Aman’s hands. He decides to find out complete verity.

Coming day, Arjun asks croaker about Aman’s necropsy report. Doctor tells Arjun that it’ll take time. He says that Aman went through lot of ornamental face surgery. Arjun asks croaker
about surgery. Doctor says that seems like Aman’s face got ruined and Aman had surgery. Kaashvi asks Sushma to have food. Sushma tells Kaashvi that she lost her son. She asks Aditya that why he killed Aman when he promised to cover Aman always. Aditya apologizes to her. He tells her that he did that to save Kaashvi. He says that he wanted to cover Aman but he ca n’t ignore his responsibility as hubby. He hope Aman forgive him. He adds that he deserves discipline and hit his hand on the table. Kaashvi stops him and tells him that he did nothing wrong. She asks him to not discipline himself. latterly, Aditya addresses to someone on a phone call and he goes vicinity of house. He asks Arjun that what the ultimate doing there at this time. Arjun tells Aditya that he read Aman’s necropsy report. He asks Aditya about Aman’s face surgeries. Aditya asks Arjun that why the ultimate saw the report.

Arjun says that he still suppose Aditya is hiding commodity from them. Sushma says that she’ll tell the verity. She reveals that her hubby gamble hot water on Aditya but Aman pushed Aditya and burnt his face. She scolds Arjun for questioning them. She requests him to not disturb them. Arjun apologizes to her and leaves from there. Coming day, Arjun asks elderly officer to stop the transfer. elderly officer tells Arjun that the ultimate has to report in Kanpur moment and he ca n’t help the ultimate. Arjun thinks that he do n’t suppose Kaashvi is safe with Aditya. He leaves the room and notices Kaashvi. He asks her that whether she’s sad because of his transfer. She tells him that she’s happy. She asks him to not return in her life.

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