Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25 March 2024 episode Written Update:

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25 March 2024 episode written Update on Video Update episode 25th March 2024.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25 March 2024 scene, Abhira plans a Holi party. Kaveri denies celebrating Holi. Manisha inquires about the reason. Kaveri denies imagining being cheerful in front of others. Abhira questions Kaveri. Kaveri denies celebrating Holi. Vidya serves nourishment to Vidya. Kaveri asks Ruhi and Manisha to take care of her medication and nourishment. Manisha and Ruhi say they are not capable like Vidya. Kaveri says Vidya needs to bring alter into the house; hence, she as well is bringing alter. Vidya backs off from the obligations. The poddars get shocked.

Vidya recollects the past with Kaveri. Arman and Abhira support Vidya. They apologize to Vidya. Manisha takes Arman and Abhira’s side. She acclaims Vidya for taking a stand against Kaveri. Manisha says Abhira is bringing an alter to the house. Vidya takes Abhira’s side. She gets upbeat with Arman, Abhira, and Manisha. Ruhi spots Abhira, Arman, and Vidya.

Sanjay says no one will play Holi. Krish says he needs to play Holi with his companions. Manoj bolsters Sanjay. Charu, Aryan, Krish, and Kiara back Abhira. Kajal against Abhira. Charu says Abhira spared Kaveri. Sanjay says Abhira needed to send Kaveri to prison. Ruhi charges Abhira. Abhira contends with Ruhi. Ruhi goes against Abhira. Arman takes a stand for Abhira. Ruhi asks Arman if he can’t see Abhira exasperating the entire family. Arman says for how long everybody will denounce Abhira. He takes a stand for Abhira. Arman chooses to bolster Abhira since she considers them family. He claims that one day Abhira will be a great daughter-in-law.

Abhira tries to rub her title. Manish bolsters Abhira. Abhira, share how she feels cleared out at the podaar house. She recalls Akshara. Abhira tells Akshara that she used to observe her play Holi. Manish asks Abhira if her mother doesn’t play Holi. Abhira tells Akshara she doesn’t like Holi. Manish recalls Akshara. Abhira asks Manish why he is disturbed. Manish says he misses her girl, who doesn’t like to play Holi either. He chooses to welcome poddars for the Holi party.

Dev asks Charu to meet him. Charu gets energized. Arman plans to celebrate Holi with Abhira. He supplicates God to make Abhira’s life simple. Abhira supplicates for Arman’s bliss.

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