Bhagya Lakshmi 2 March 2024 Episode Update:

Bhagya Lakshmi 2 March 2024 Episode, Written Update on Video episode 2nd March 2024

The occasion begins with Lakshmi getting extremely concerned upon learning that Rohan has placed a bet to climb the tree. In the meantime, Siddharth chooses to exact vengeance on Paro since he’s furious with her for exposing him. He promises to inseminate a precious assignment that she wo n’t soon forget.

While Paro is having fun with her new musketeers, she ca n’t help but suppose of Rohan. She wonders if he and Lakshmi are having fun in the vill. also, because she views Rishi as a father figure, she begins to miss her mama and considers spending a moment with him latterly. latterly, Siddharth approaches his classmate for backing after contriving a plan to exact vengeance on Paro. The following occasion opens with Rohan tripping over a tree branch. Lakshmi hops towards him as soon as she sees him through the window. While Lakshmi is working to save him, Rohan isn’t stopping his cries for backing.

When she reaches the top of the tree, she begins to climb it herself and grabs Rohan, drawing him nearer to her. A gal of Siddharth’s goes to Paro and tells her that Rishi has been staying for her outside the academy. Paro follows her with great happiness and is taken suddenly to discover Siddharth there. When Paro takes off running, and Siddharth follows, Paro becomes indeed more terrified. While everything is going on, Rishi speaks with Harleen, who informs him that she wants to see Paro. She’ll admit Paro, Rishi assures her. When he hears Paro laugh, he begins to head to her academy, which worries Rishi greatly.

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