Bhagya Lakshmi 26 March 2024 episode Written Update:

Bhagya Lakshmi 26 March 2024 episode written Update on Video Update episode 26th March 2024.

Bhagya Lakshmi 26 March 2024 scene begins with Parvati seeing that a few road kids are looking at her when she eats ice cream. Parvati asks Rishi to purchase ice cream for all of the road kids. Rishi concurs and buys ice cream for all the lanes kids. Parvati says to Rishi that he is fair like her mother. Parvati says to Rishi that the town individuals call her Annapurna, Blessed Messenger, etc. The ice cream seller acclaims Rishi’s childhood, as Parvati has truly great character.

Parvati returns domestic with Rishi and says to Harleen that Rishi bought a parcel of endowments for her. Karishma, after learning that Rishi bought so many blessings for Parvati, Karishma comments on Rishi. Karishma says Parvati’s mother will not be able to purchase her these numerous blessings. Parvati gives a befitting answer to Karishma. Rishi too says to Karishma that he considers Lakshmi and treats Rohan like her own child. Malishka says Rohan is as if he were her son.

Rohan says to Lakshmi that he likes these snacks and says he will take them. Rohan inadvertently drops the snacks, and all of them fall to the ground. Rohan feels pitiful, as presently he is not able to take this nibble to eat. Lakshmi chooses to make snacks for him by tomorrow and shock him.

Karishma asks Malishka not to intellect Rishi’s words. Karishma says to Malishka that Parvati is calling Rishi father, but it isn’t cruel that Rishi will truly end up being Parvati’s father. Anushka also says to Malishka that Parvati is clearing out tomorrow and Rohan is returning domestic. Malishka gets energized hearing this.

Rishi makes a difference. Parvati is pressing her sacks. Parvati talks to Rishi and asks Rishi to come and meet her in town. Rishi concurs and guarantees Parvati. Parvati afterward asks Rishi to be her father too, for genuine reasons, as Karishma said that he would not be her father since she called him father. Ayush comes and says to Parvati that he will miss her. Parvati says she will also miss all of them. Parvati complains about Rishi not talking to her anywhere. Rishi, hearing this, says to Parvati that he will take her to a shopping center. Parvati agrees.

Malishka says to Neelam that Rohan is coming tomorrow. Neelam gets energized hearing this and says to Malishka that they have to do something extraordinary for Rohan. Malishka says she is beautifying Rohan’s room, and she is also going to do shopping for Rohan. Neelam acclaims Malishka, as she gets what Neelam needs to say to her without actually saying it.

The following day, Rohan packs his sacks. Lakshmi plans Rohan’s top pick of snacks and blesses them for Rohan. Rohan greatly appreciated Lakshmi’s blessing. Rohan meets his companions. Dadı and Shalu say to Rohan that they are going to miss him. Rohan says bad habits vice versa.

Parvati says great-bye to all of the Oberoi family individuals one by one, and she also takes their favors. Parvati apologizes to Neelam if she vexed her. Neelam asks Parvati not to inconvenience others once more. Parvati concurs. Parvati, moreover, says great-bye to Karishma. Karishma says she trusts that Parvati will come to this house once more. Parvati comments on it. Rishi then takes Parvati to the office. Malishka says to Neelam that she will go to the shopping center and do shopping for Rohan, and she clears out from there.

Lakshmi brings Rohan to Mumbai along with the rest of the kids. All of the guardians come and take their kids away. Rohan says to Lakshmi that he would like to purchase endowments for Lakshmi and Parvati, and he asks Lakshmi to take her to the shopping center. Lakshmi concurs and takes Rohan in a taxi.

Malishka comes to the shopping center in her car. Malishka parks on the side of the street and talks with Kiran over the phone.

Lakshmi brings Rohan in a taxi to the shopping center. Rohan calls Rishi and says to Rishi that he would like to purchase blessings for Lakshmi and Parvati. Rishi concurs. Rishi says he is taking Parvati to the office and says he will meet him afterward.

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