Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27 March 2024 episode Written Update: Abhira and Ruhi move

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27 March 2024 episode written Update on Video Update episode 27th March 2024.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27 March 2024 scene, Abhira and Ruhi move. The poddars and goenkas connect Abhira and Ruhi to move. Abhira and Ruhi go missing. Arman looks for Abhira. Manish looks for Ruhi. Abhira and Ruhi get inebriated. They act odd. The poddars are stunned to learn that Abhira and Ruhi are inebriated. Manisha and Vidya chuckle at Abhira and Ruhi.

Abhira jokes approximately about Kaveri. Kaveri gets irate. Arman hinders Abhira and Ruhi. Inebriated, Abhira puts the gujiya in Kaveri’s mouth. Kaveri gets dazed. Abhira acts odd. Charu gets cheerful after seeing Dev. Dev considers Charu upbeat to see him. He chooses to tell the truth to Charu. Charu asks Dev to wish her Holi. Dev chooses to tell the truth. The inn chief hinders Dev and Charu. He inquires about Dev around his spouse. Charu gets stunned.

Abhira acts peculiarly. Kaveri chastens Abhira for getting inebriated. Manisha tells Abhira she isn’t inebriated intentionally, and Kaveri faults Abhira. Vidya takes Abhira’s side. She asks Kaveri why she is not against Ruhi. Kaveri says Abhira might have actuated Ruhi. Vidya says Ruhi is more seasoned than Abhira since she is still examining. Kaveri and Vidya contend. Vidya says neither Abhira nor Ruhi will apologize to Kaveri. Kaveri gets stunned.

Abhira asks Vidya and Kaveri not to battle, as she has a mystery to share. The poddars get stunned. Abhira asks Kaveri not to stress, as her wedding is a one-year contract. Arman hinders Abhira. He changed the subject some time ago, and recently the poddars got it, Abhira. Abhira unveils data almost her contract wedding. Arman takes Abhira with him. He confesses his love to Abhira to cover the theme. Ruhi gets stunned. Sanjay asks Arman to have shame.

Manisha questions Arman has secured the theme. Kiara says Arman and Abhira are a charming couple. Ruhi asks Manish if she needs to inquire about something. Manish asks Ruhi for control. Ruhi inquires Manish why everybody takes off her. Manish comforts Ruhi. Ruhi says she misses Akshara the most. Manish, Swarna, and Surekha get shocked.

Charu accuses Dev of covering up his enormous mystery. She feels nauseated. Dev tries to clarify. Arman handles Abhira. Abhira requests that Arman move, or she will tell the truth to everybody.

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