Bhagya Lakshmi 6 March 2024 Episode Update:

Bhagya Lakshmi 6 March 2024 Episode, Written Update on Video episode 6th March 2024.

Bhagya Lakshmi, 6 March 2024 Episode Update It starts with Shalu telling Di to flash back her Rohan watching this Rohan, as I had told you ahead. Lakshmi cries and says to Rohan not to say this any more and tells him I’ll bring you back home. She tells me you’re like Paro to me; you’re my obligation, my child, and I won’t allow anything to be to you. She tells me I’ll discourse with the croaker and will bring you back home. Rohan says you’re a great schoolteacher. He embraces her. Melody plays. Paro emerges from the academy with the peon to buy scrapbooks. She watches commodities out and about and thinks where to keep them. She watches Siddharth with a fellow and takes commodities. She figures he may be copping commodities like those displayed in flicks. Siddharth watches her and says,. 

The person takes a gander at her furiously, and she takes off from that point. The people say Siddharth knows that he ought to have frighted her. Paro goes to a fellow and says that he gave him the telephone. The person doesn’t give her the telephone. She said the woman called the police. She figures they could get down and tie Siddharth’s bottom. The police come there and ask who has called the police. Paro says she has called and said they were taking medicines. The police get Siddharth and his companion, as well as their essay, to escape. Siddharth flies off the handle at her. Everybody values Paro. The police take Siddharth and his companion from that point. Peon says Paro knows that she’s little and won’t squinch with so many important people, as there should be a threat to her life. He takes her to the academy. Lakshmi brings Rohan back home. Shalu asked Lakshmi if she talked to Paro. Lakshmi says no. Rohan says she should be fine. I requested that Father deal with my family. 

Paro said that the guard gave his telephone to her and called Rishi. Rishi picks up the call. Paro said that he would come and take her from that point now itself. Rishi comes to the academy and picks her up. He says you ought to have considered me some time beforehand and inquires as to whether I can remain with you in your house. She says she fears Siddharth. Rishi tells you you can remain with us and reviews Lakshmi’s words. They return home. Paro asked if Rohan would stay in this big house. Rishi says OK, with all the family. Lakshmi thinks about her child, Rohan, and cries. Rishi takes Paro to Rohan’s room. Paro gets joyful and kisses his cheeks. He said that she should rest. She gets up and hops on the bed. She remembers to hydrate and goes to the kitchen.

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