Yeh Hai Chahatein 6 March 2024 Episode Video Update:

Yeh Hai Chahatein 6 March 2024 Episode, Video Update on Video episode 6th March 2024.

The occasion starts with Kashvi coming to the academy and asking the inspector about the update. The inspector says Jaggi didn’t harm any children till now and is staying to talk to you. Kashvi takes the speaker and asks him, What’s his demand? Jaggi asks her to come outside differently; he’ll shoot the kids. Kashvi tells Inspector that she needs a pellet attestation jacket. She also tells Jaggi to leave the kids and schoolteacher, as she’s ready to talk to him. Jaggi asks her to come first, and he’ll also Kashvi wears the jacket. The inspector asks her to take the gun. Kashvi says if Jaggi comes to know that I’ve got the gun, it must be painful for the kids. Arjun asks the couple about their dead woman.

The joe says that their grandson has seen his stepfather’s face, and right now he’s stuck in the academy where the attack happened. The constable calls Arjun and informs him that Kashvi went to talk to Jaggi. Arjun tells the couple that he’ll save their grandson. Kashvi comes outside and asks Jaggi to leave the schoolteacher and kids. Jaggi says he wants an auto, 5 crores of cash, and a fake passport so that he can leave this country. Arjun reaches the place and asks about the update. The inspector says Kashvi called. Kashvi tells the inspector about Jaggi’s demand. Jaggi warns the inspector.

The inspector says he’ll arrange. Arjun asks the inspector to arrange the auto first. Auto comes. Arjun says he’ll go as the motorist. He asks Inspector to call Jaggi and ask him to shoot the kiddies out first, and he says cash and a passport will also be arranged. Kashvi asks Jaggi to let the kids go and says I’ll be there only then. Jaggi says okay and asks the kids to go. The kids go out. Arjun comes outside as the motorist and asks Jaggi to take the key. Arjun says it can break. Kashvi sees him and gets shocked. Jaggi asks him to throw the key. Arjun throws it far. Jaggi turns, and Arjun aims a gun at him. Jaggi aims a gun at Kashvi and tells her that now she has to die for betraying him. Arjun says I betrayed you, so kill me.

Jaggi says first she’ll die, and also you. Arjun sees taweez in her neck and tells Kashvi that the Sheetala Mata’s vabhoot will cover her and asks her to take it in her hand. Kashvi takes out the taweez, takes out the vabhoot from it, and throws it in Jaggi’s eyes. Also, they tie Jaggi’s hands and bases. The schoolteacher goes to call the inspector. Arjun asks Kashvi why she came there alone. Kashvi says the kids were kept as hostages; I couldn’t suppose about myself, so I came. He hugs her. The Chahatein song plays. Kashvi realizes what she’s doing and asks Arjun to move back. She says I asked you not to be particular and asks him to stay down. Inspector comes there and apprehensions Jaggi. Arjun and Kashvi come out. Arjun sees the couple with their grandson. The couple thanks Arjun and asks him to ask the boy. The boy is silent. The joe tells her that her son’s alternate husband used to wear chapeaus, specs, and masks. Arjun wonders if he’s Rucha’s stepfather and shows his sketch.

The joe identifies him as the same. Arjun asks why he didn’t search for Joe. The joe says my son had married against my will; also, why would I want to inquire about him? Kashvi says these people watch out for their respect. Arjun says that he met all the families, who are upset for their respect rather than their daughters. Arjun and Kashvi come to the hostel. The constable says you can go here after recording your statement. Later, after revivifying, they come out to have golgappa. Kashvi asks the gol gappa joe to make racy for her and sweet for him. The joe says men can’t have racy golgappa. Arjun says he’ll eat more rice. He eats racy golgappa and gets teary-eyed. Kashvi makes him eat jalebis. They’ve jalebi.

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