ERGO Major Sponsor of the 40th Authentic Athens Marathon


The 40th Athens Marathon, one of the most famous road races in the world, united runners from all over the world again this year in a celebration of sports entertainment, physical and mental well-being.

ERGO Insurance, a perennial supporter of SEGAS since 2011, also supported this year’s anniversary Authentic Athens Marathon as a Major Sponsor.

This year’s event saw record breaking entries, with over 70,000 runners taking part across all distances and races taking place on the evening of Saturday 11th and the morning of Sunday 12th November 2023.

On this day of celebration, joy and sports, the presence of ERGO Insurance was strong and catalytic, insuring all runners during the race against the risk of accidents and civil liability.

Along the route of all races ERGO supported the runners with its teams of Official Cheerleaders. At the beginning of the route on Panepistimi Street, the sounds from the powerful dj set together with the team’s encouraging messages provided the necessary rhythm, while on L. Vas. Sofia a group of drummers gave the runners further impetus to complete their effort , until termination.

The presence of the largest ERGO Running Team was also massive, which provided the “present” potential with over 680 members as well as the participation of the CEO of the company, Mr. Nikos Antimisaris.

As in 2022 and this year, ERGO Insurance “embracing” the UN’s sustainability goals for the protection of the environment and limiting the effects of climate change, gave visitors to its stand the opportunity to see their participation become a Project with action “We plant a tree for every participation.”

In particular, at the company’s stand, visitors had the opportunity to draw their own tree on a touch pad. These paintings formed a digital mosaic tree, which was constantly growing. Also, children who visited the stand were assembling puzzles with the same imagery as the digital tree. Finally, the runners who participated in the races had the opportunity to be photographed next to the digital tree, giving their first name, the kilometers they ran and the time they took. In total, ERGO Insurance, with the help of all visitors to its stand, collected 2,014 trees for tree planting. This action is part of the “Give life to what gives us life” program of ERGO Insurance, which aims to create a more sustainable environment.

Ms. Markella Tsourougiannis, Director of Corporate Communications and Sustainability congratulated everyone who participated either by running or cheering on the runners. At the same time, he noted that “The Authentic Marathon of Athens is a unique event, part of the sports and cultural heritage of Greece, which every year inspires millions of runners from all over the world. It is an important day as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the event. This fight represents endurance, dedication and the power of human will. It is a great honor for all of us at ERGO to support as a Major Sponsor this important celebration of the country. We are renewing our appointment for the 2024 Half Marathon”.

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