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Eurolife FFH:

Eurolife FFH supported for another year the institution of the “Sustainable – Innovative & Responsible Entrepreneurship” Awards of the Professional Chamber of Athens (EEA), as a Sponsor of the award ceremony which was held with great success on Monday, Eurolife FFH supports small & medium enterprises November 27 at the “Stavros Niarchos” Foundation Cultural Center , thus demonstrating its commitment to consistently be on the side of small and medium-sized businesses.

Eurolife FFH

The awards event, a celebration of small and medium entrepreneurship that has now become an institution,
highlighted the small and medium-sized enterprises that managed to grow and innovate in a dynamically changing environment, strengthening the growth prospects of the Greek economy.

At the same time, special honorary awards were given to people distinguished for their achievements and contribution to society, while a special honorary award was also given to Eurolife FFH for its contribution to the organization of the event. Also present at the event were MPs, Eurolife FFH supports small & medium enterprises mayors and local government officials, Presidents and members of Chamber Boards, representatives of social partners, unions, the academic community and businesses.

Eurolife FFH

For Eurolife FFH, it is important to support innovation and entrepreneurship, which is why it supports actions and creates insurance programs that strengthen the professional planning and development of the modern entrepreneur. Eurolife FFH supports small & medium enterprises Recognizing the role of small and medium-sized businesses in the economic activity of the country, it is committed to being at the side of their owners, with products and services that facilitate their daily life.

In this context, the company has a series of insurance programs for small and medium-sized businesses that cover all their needs for property protection, civil liability towards third parties, their protection in the digital environment, as well as group health and pension insurance of their employees. Eurolife FFH supports small & medium enterprises Thus, it practically supports owners to see their businesses grow confidently, responsibly and with a safe environment for their staff.

Eurolife FFH

With its proposals for business security, Eurolife FFH keeps its commitment to invest to solutions and products that consistently meet their needs and encourages them to they accomplish more every day.

Because for the company it is valuable to be next to businesses and support their owners so they can look after the future of the business them as they have dreamed it.

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