Strategic cooperation between ERGO and Errikos Dunan

ERGO Insurance and Errikos Dunan:

ERGO Insurance, as part of strengthening its presence in Life and Health Insurance, entered into a strategic partnership with the Errikos Dunan Hospital Center, one of the most modern nursing centers in Southeast Europe, which has the Gold Seal of Approval from the international organization Joint Commission International (JCI).

The agreement, which has already been implemented, ensures ERGO policyholders a series of advantages. In addition to their seamless access and immediate service, Strategic cooperation between ERGO and Errikos Dunan ERGO policyholders can benefit from the most modern and high-level services of the Erricos Dunan Hospital Center.

ERGO Insurance and Errikos DunanAt the same time, there are unlimited free visits to outpatient clinics and the emergency department in 8 specialties, a privileged list based on the Official Gazette in scheduled diagnostic examinations, where referral EOPYY is not used, packages of small and very small operations in outpatient clinics without participation for the insured , free diagnostic tests in the event of an emergency up to the amount of 500 euros per incident, privileged hospitalization conditions with absorption of the insured’s participation up to 1,000 euros (including the participation of the EOPYY).

In cases of hospitalization, the agreement provides for free transportation by ambulance within Attica.

In the context of the new cooperation, an informative meeting was held in the auditorium of Erricos Dunan for the Partners of the Corporate Network of ERGO Insurance, Strategic cooperation between ERGO and Errikos Dunan where there was a detailed briefing and presentation of all the parameters and advantages of the cooperation.

The visit ended with a tour of the hospital premises (outpatient clinics, diagnostic services, emergencies, treatment rooms).

ERGO Insurance and Errikos DunanMr. Alexandros Lianos, Director of Life & Health Insurance Claims at ERGO, stated that: “The agreement with Henry Dunant ushers in a new era for policyholders and our network. Strategic cooperation between ERGO and Errikos DunanErrikos Dunan is one of the best hospitals in the country and is a model of quality.

With this agreement, we enrich the privileges of our insured with new benefits, the best possible services from scientific, medical and nursing staff, as well as the most advantageous pricing policy. With our eyes focused on the health and care of our customers, we are constantly innovating by creating high quality and socially responsible services, such as those offered by Erricos Dunan”.

Errikos Dunan

On his part, Mr. Nikolaos Kollias Director of Commercial Development Marketing & Communication from Errikos Dunan stated: “Our collaboration with ERGO Insurance is a great honor for us and is more than just a partnership, since it represents the connection of two organizations that share not only common business strategies, but also deep-rooted values ​​and principles.

Strеngthеning dialoguе:

  • Exclusivе offеrs: Dеscribе spеcific offеrs availablе only to ERGO plannеrs, such as priority accеss, dеdicatеd housing, or post-trеatmеnt counsеling.
  • Tеchnology Intеgration: Explain how ERGO and Erricos Dunan arе using tеch for bеttеr communication, fastеr claims procеssing and accеss to digital mеdical rеcords.
  • Community partnеrships: Highlight potеntial collaborativе programs targеting hеalth litеracy, prеvеntivе carе initiativеs, or supporting disadvantagеd communitiеs.

Bеnеfits outsidе thе hospital walls:

  • Hеalth Planning: Explain how ARGO plannеrs can accеss Erricos Dunan’s еxpеrtisе in onlinе counsеling, nutritional guidancе, or pеrsonal fitnеss planning.
  • Mеntal hеalth support: Say thе fеllowship еxtеnds to mеntal hеalth sеrvicеs, allowing accеss to counsеling sеssions or strеss managеmеnt sеssions.
  • Long-tеrm support: Establish a goal of maintaining a continuum of carе bеyond hospitalization through follow-up appointmеnts, chronic disеasе managеmеnt, or rеhabilitation programs plant.

ERGO Insurance’s approach, which places people at the center of its activities, is harmoniously linked to our own commitment to high quality healthcare. The selection of the Erricos Dunan hospital was based on our continuous dedication to investing in state-of-the-art medical equipment and innovative technologies and our commitment to provide the safest and most effective care to patients, criteria that are the foundations of the corresponding philosophy of ERGO Insurance and contribute to the strengthening of our common goal of high quality services and care for people.”

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