Kumkum Bhagya 6 March 2024 Episode Update:

Kumkum Bhagya 6 March 2024 Episode, Written Update on googlewith.com. Video episode 6th March 2024.

The occasion starts with Deepika saying to Monisha that she wants the ancestral choker, as the ancestral choker signifies that they’ve got the right to rule this house. Deepika asks Monisha for her help. Deepika says if they do commodity and shoot Purvi out of the kitchen, the work is done. Monisha agrees to help her. Purvi starts her medication in the kitchen. Deepika and Monisha enter the kitchen. They try to shoot Purvi out of the kitchen. They note it on Purvi. Purvi takes a stage for herself, gives them a befitting reply, and leaves. Monisha loses her cool. Deepika asks Monisha to cool down and asks her to help her with the medication of Kaju Barfi to win the choker. caravan comes out of the restroom. Purvi enters the room and gets stupefied seeing a caravan with just a kerchief and argues with him. 

Purvi asks caravan if he’s not ashamed to walk like this in his room. caravan reminds Purvi that this is his room and says he’ll stay as long as he wants. Purvi says to caravan that he needs to change as he’s married. Purvi opens the cupboard and shows that half the cupboard is filled with her clothes. caravan throws Purvi’s clothes out of the cupboard. She says to him that he needs to change. He refuses. Purvi pours water into the glass. caravan says he’s not spooked. Purvi walks towards passages, which make water fall on him. Cara asks what she did. Purvi says she formerly advised him. He walks toward her, and due to the slippery bottom, both fall on the bed. Harleen comes there and notices Purvi’s propinquity with the shirtless caravan and gets upset. Purvi asks the caravan to untangle her hair from his chain. Cara says he’s not an expert and tries to untangle her hair. Vaishali asks Harleen why she is looking absent-minded. Harleen says caravan told them that he’s going to leave Purvi, but now caravan is getting close to Purvi. 

Vaishali asks Harleen what she’s saying. Harleen says the caravan came out of the restroom with a kerchief, and Purvi is with him. Harleen doesn’t indeed speak after it and asks Vaishali to leave it. Monisha and Deepika overhear Harleen and Vaishali’s discussion. Monisha blames Deepika for the caravan and Purvi getting close to each other. Monisha asks Deepika not to speak with her and leaves from there. Deepika puts the category on the table. Dadaji thinks the sweet is made by Purvi. Dadaji asks Deepika to go and call all the family members. Deepika decides to later tell Dadaji that she made the sweet; previously, he started praising the sweet in front of everyone. Raj untangles Purvi’s hair with his chain. Raj later leaves from there. Purvi recalls that she needs to make sweets for Dadaji. Dadi, eavesdropping on this, says to Purvi that she doesn’t need to do anything sweet for Dadaji. Dadi leaves from there to meet Dadaji. Dadi asks Dadaji what he’s doing. Dadaji says he’s not scared of her. Dadi asks all of her kids how they can stay silent when Dadaji is draining her. Everyone supports Dadi. Dadaji looks at the ladies for help, but no one helps him. 

Deepika supports Dadaji and asks Dadaji to eat the sweet, saying she made it. Purvi also says she hasn’t made any sweets. Purvi later says to Dadaji that if he wants to eat sweet, he can also eat this as it was transferred by her mama and it’s sugar-free. Dadaji tastes it and praises it. Dadaji asks Purvi to give it to all the family members. Purvi gives to all the family members.

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