Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6 March 2024 Episode Update:

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6 March 2024 Episode, Update on Video episode 6th March 2024.

The occasion starts with a man saying, Abhira, you made good arrangements. Armaan says you made Dadisa cotillion; do you know magic? You can’t be a puck. She says you mean I’m a Chudail; I’ll see you. They run. Kajal and everyone laughed. She says the situation made Armaan grow soon; he’s living his nonage with Abhira; they’re running like kids; he’s so happy. Dadi smiles. Suwarna says Ruhi’s life is getting ruined. Think about her. Manish says Ruhi should assume her happiness; we can’t force her to come then. She says I’ll do anything for her happiness. They argue. 

Vikas comes and says sorry. I told you about Manav and Ruhi, and you guys started fighting. It’s decided that we don’t talk about them now. Abhira says it is unthinkable; anyone who can use a computer will be used in the fundraiser, and we will take it to the scrap dealer. They ask, We? Abhira says nothing; don’t roar; we will hide it. Armaan says you’re sensible and sorted, Ruhi. She says I used to do this with Abhir in the past; I mean, I want to do this with Abhira. Abhira says good. Armaan says Dadi will see us. Abhira says to follow my plan, take the examiner, and we will take the CPU. They try to leave. A man sees Ruhi and says she doesn’t have any anguish that her husband left; she’s decked up; she was dancing; similar girls have spoiled the generation’s name. Armaan slaps him. Everyone looks on. 

Abhira says he said the truth; you should protest him. The lady says to leave my son. Abhira argues with the lady. The man says she applied Sindoor and got decked up. Abhira scolds him a lot. She asks him to say sorry to Ruhi. He says sorry. Charu says so sorry, sir; I didn’t know Pater would come then. Dev scolds her. She cries. He smiles and says, You know your pater.
came, and indeed, my mom came then. She advised the staff not to give me coffee because I don’t sleep at night. I had to steal coffee from others’ mugs and drink. She laughs. He says, Just keep laughing. I don’t like to see gashes in your eyes. Its time for my meeting. You complete this train. He goes. Charu smiles. Ruhi says, Stop aching me. Abhira hugs her. She plays the Chak de Saree Ghum song. They are all cotillions. Ruhi runs to her room. She sits crying and sees Rohit’s snap. Abhira comes. Ruhi says I want to sleep, but it’s late. Abhira holds her. Armaan looks on. Madhav and Vidya argue about Ruhi. Abhira sings a lullaby, Kya hai chuta tera, and leverages Ruhi. Armaan cries. Ruhi sleeps. Vidya says it’s tough for us to have a stopgap on Rohit’s return. Madhav says you won’t understand this; Ruhi can’t have this stopgap all his life. Vidya says I understand it; I’m passing my life staying for my husband. 

Manish asks Krish and Aryan to go by. They go. Madhav says you never valued me; suppose of Ruhi, not yourself; you have come so selfish. Dadi says to shut up. Armaan and Abhira make Ruhi sleep on the bed. Abhira says I know you’re hurt; it’s about Rohit. Dadi thinks of everyone’s words and drinks some water. She sees the family snap and cries. Abhira pacifies Armaan. She plays the non-age videos. Armaan sees Rohit. Abhira asks, Will you not think of Rohit if you feel like crying? Cry so that you get a smile when someone mentions Rohit’s name. Armaan cries. Abhi Mujhmein Kahin plays He tells her about the old times. Abhira cries. He sleeps on her shoulder. She holds him.

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