Bhagya Lakshmi 5 March 2024 Episode Update:

Bhagya Lakshmi 5 March 2024 Episode, Written Update on Video episode 5th March 2024.

The occasion starts with Rohan hugging Lakshmi and telling her that he doesn’t want to go far away from her. Lakshmi recalls, and a Facebook is shown. Shalu comes in the bus. The bus driver says he can’t go far from then as the screams are passing. Shalu hopes that Di and the kids are fine and thinks she asked her to come out. Lakshmi comes out holding her kids and sees the screams passing. The ladies ask the watchman to get them to go outside. The watchman refuses to open the door, saying the mugs might go outside and destroy the sanitarium. The ladies argue. The watchman asks them to go. Lakshmi starts walking, and the gorilla is about to hit her and the kids, but Joe saves them, gets hit by the gorilla, and asks Lakshmi to go. Lakshmi hides behind the truck with the kids and asks them not to cry. 

The autodriver asks Shalu to understand and says I can’t stay there for long. She calls me Lakshmi. Lakshmi picks up the call, tells her that she’ll come there, and asks her not to come. Shalu says if the bus driver goes, we also cann’t go from there. Lakshmi takes the kids. The gorilla comes to hit them. Lakshmi pleads in front of him. He goes from there. fb ends. Neelam asks Rishi to make her talk to Rohan. Rishi says that Rohan was busy differently than he’d have called you, and he’s veritably happy. He asks her not to worry. Neelam says I gave you liberty, and you got that, Lakshmi. She gets worried. Neelam is worried. Karishma comes there. Neelam says I asked Rishi to make me talk to Rohan, and he said that Rohan had said that he’d talk to me later. Karishma says there’s a problem in the village, or Lakshmi, and says I’m sure that all the people must be selfish and bad. Neelam says that’s why I asked Rishi to bring him back. Karishma says we shall go there and bring him back. Rohan tries to get down on the bed, but Lakshmi stops him. Star says she’s in a dilemma about what will happen if Mr. Oberoi makes the videotape call. 

Shalu comes there worriedly. Lakshmi says he’s fine. Rohan says he’s fine. He says I want to go to your home; if I stay, then I will also be caught, and they will take me from there. He says if you don’t take me, I’ll go by myself, and he also doesn’t say if anything happens on the way or if I get lost. Lakshmi shouts at Rohan and keeps his hand on his mouth. She says I’ll not let anything be to you and hugs him. A Facebook is shown again. The screams are passing. Shalu thinks it’s good that she let the bus motorist go and hopes Di is fine. She reaches the place where Lakshmi is standing. Someone throws a gravestone on her head. Lkshmi shouts at Shalu and is about to come near her when the mugs see her. Lakshmi runs from there. The gorilla comes and attacks her. She hits the gorilla holding the same stick, and he falls down. Lakshmi runs from there and falls on the road. The gorilla comes there and hits Lakshmi on the head with the stick. Lakshmi faints. Later, she gains knowledge. Shalu is searching for Lakshmi. Lakshmi gets up and shouts at Rohan and Paro. Shalu hears her voice and wonders if anything has happened to Rohan and Paro. 

Lakshmi cries and asks the people running if they saw her kids. She cries poorly. She searches for the kids and finds Paro. Shalu comes and takes Paro. Lakshmi says Rohan is missing. The mugs are still fighting and have come behind them. The gorilla comes and is about to hit her when she holds her stick and beats him, asking if they’ve got any humanity or not. They begin searching for Rohan when a gorilla comes on the bike and the blast happens where Rohan was seated. Lakshmi and Shalu get shocked. Lakshmi calls Rohan and tells Shalu that she’ll bring Rohan. The police come there along with some ladies. Lakshmi says her son is stuck in the fire. The inspector says nothing can be saved in the fire. Lakshmi cries hardly. Fb ends. Back to the present, Lakshmi leverages Rohan and says he’s my son, my Rohan. Shalu asks her to hear her and says we’re in the sanitarium.

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