Yeh Hai Chahatein 5 March 2024 Episode Video Update:

Yeh Hai Chahatein 5 March 2024 Episode, Video Update on Video episode 5th March 2024.

Arjun comes to the office and asks him to give a record of all the women who failed due to suffocation. Joe gives him the details of the women who failed due to suffocation. Arjun checks the papers and says there are 2 cases in Faridabad, 1 case in Delhi, and 4 cases in Pragraj. He thinks the deaths happened between 2019 and 2023 and dubs Aditya’s hand in them. He comes to Kashvi and shows the attestations, saying four women had failed due to suffocation. Kashvi asks Arjun to let Adi break this case. Arjun says this will help Adi in the case. Kashvi agrees. Arjun says we’ve got to go to the NGO to get Rucha’s father’s sketch. They go there. Kashvi asks Rucha, How is she? The warden says that Rucha cries and remembers her mama and cries. 

Kashvi feels bad for her, cries, and also remembers her baby. She gives her chocolate, but Rucha keeps it. Kashvi tells her that indeed she lost her parents in the accident, but that doesn’t mean that they shall stop eating food or live the life. She asks her to face all the challenges and asks her to eat it for her. She says I came to ask you for help and asks Arjun to call him. Arjun brings the sketch artist. Rucha gives the description. The artist makes the sketch. They see a mask on his face and a chapeau on his head. They couldn’t identify him. Kashvi goes to attend the call. Arjun asks Rucha about her father. Rucha says that after her father’s death, her mama married this Joe. She says he used to beat her and never allowed her to talk to anyone. Kashvi and Arjun come to the elderly officer and tell him about Rucha’s father. He also gets an alert and asks Arjun to go out. He tells Kashvi that Jaggi has kept the kids hostage and called her for concession. Aditya says she’ll come with you. 

Arjun recalls disturbing Aditya’s stomach. Aditya has a bad stomach. Kashvi says I wish I would have stayed and taken care of you, but I’ve got to go. She comes to the car and sees Arjun. Arjun says he’ll accompany Aditya, sir, and her. Kashvi says Adi has a worried stomach, so he can’t come now. Arjun thinks I’ll probe the matter. Kashvi says you can’t come for this secret charge. Arjun says I’ll come with you and will help Aditya, sir. Kashvi asks him not to do anything wrong. Arjun assures her. They reach Prayagraj. Kashvi tells Arjun that she has to reach the academy, as Jaggi called her for concession. Arjun says he’ll come with you. Kashvi says he has called me, so I’ll handle this matter. Arjun makes her wear taweez and tells her that it’s holy vabhoot. Kashvi says okay. He asks the constable to call him if Kashvi is in peril. He thinks to inquire with the parents of the boggled victims. The family says that they don’t know about the guys to whom their daughters wed and says we’ve no relation with them.

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