Kundali Bhagya 5 March 2024 Episode Update:

Kundali Bhagya 5 March 2024 Episode, Written Update on Googlewith.com Video episode 5th March 2024.

Palki is furiously walking when Rjaveer stops her. She says he can’t treat her in whatever way he likes as she needs respect in the relationship. Rajveer asks her to calm down, but she angrily tries to leave when he holds her hand, but she demands he let it go. He asks if she actually wants to know the entire truth, and when she replies that she doesn’t like to ask again and again, he says she could indeed say that she doesn’t like when he’s sad. Palki replies she doesn’t feel like it, but he asks if she doesn’t trust him. She replies she trusts him momentarily but doesn’t know of the hereafter and feels he prefers others to her while he’s forced to marry her because he proposed to her after being drunk. Rajveer assures him there’s nothing of the kind, but Palki angrily leaves, telling him not to lie. Varun also gets upset seeing it, so he goes to Kavya, asking what they are both doing. Kavya replies that it takes time to understand each other because when two people come into a relationship, everything feels good, but when they get to know each other, misconstructions arise. Still, she knows them both veritably well, so she is certain their relationship will indeed get stronger. Varun says he felt they were arguing, but Kavya says she knows them well. Roma comes and asks Varun to accept it, as their son in law is veritably humane. When Gautham requests that Kavya accept it, as Roma doesn’t praise anyone and has not indeed said it to him, Roma takes Gautham down while both Kavya and Varun are smiling. 

Rakhi is walking when Bani Dadi asks why she’s so tensed because she can see it, but Rakhi replies that she’s fine. Still, Bani Dadi mentions she can see it on her face. Karina reveals that Rakhi set up out about the injury of Karan and so started scolding him, but he wasn’t listening to her. Nidhi also explains that he didn’t hear her. Bani Dadi apologizes to Rakhi for not telling her the truth, but she has set up out that Preeta isn’t good for this family because when she wasn’t present, everything was fine, but with her return, the effects got ruined, so she doesn’t want her to return. Nidhi serves Rakhi water. When Pandit Jee asks Karan if they should start the function, Karan starts looking at everyone, but the prodigy is Shaurya, as he wants him to be present at the function for his family. Shaurya in the room of Karan is allowing about how his father was really tensed and also asks the crucial maker to accelerate up because if his father comes back also, it would ruin everything. Still, the crucial maker replies that it isn’t an easy take and he knows it’ll take time. The crucial maker is suitable to open it, so Shaurya snappily takes the print from the hole and is shocked to see the print of Preeta. Sandy asks Shaurya what’s in the hole, and Shaurya replies that if his father had kept it, it would also be of some applicability. Garesh comes, telling Shaurya how his father is calling him downward for the function, and Shaurya leaves with Sandy. 

Pandit Jee asks them to come for the engagement when Kavya and Varun go to the stage, and Nidhi and Roma present the rings. Kavya notices how Rajveer and Palki both are standing far from each other. She asks Shanaya if they’ve not renovated up, and Shanaya says that if they do not resolve their problems, it would be better for them all, but Kavya says that their couple looks veritably good together, and she vows to do commodities. Kavya announces that her family Rajveer promised to dance at her engagement, which he did, but now she wants him to dance with his better half Palki, and they both are shocked. Kavya still forces both Rajveer and Palki on the stage, and they start their performance, but Palki isn’t interested in it, indeed, a bit, and after a while, he walks down. Shaurya also goes to the cotillion stage with Shanaya, and they start their performance. Seeing them both, Varun also asks Kavya to dance with him, and Karan is enjoying looking at them all. Rajveer keeps gaping at Palki, who’s furious. Karan, while looking at them dancing, thinks of dancing with Preeta and enjoying himself a lot. Karan thinks of telling Preeta that moment was the engagement of Kavya. Preeta replies that time flies veritably soon and she’s sorry for not being with Karan when he was forced to raise Kavya by himself. They both start smiling and clinch each other. 

Karan realizes it was just a dream, so everyone starts clapping for them both. Nidhi suggests they should now perform the engagement, and Pandit Jee gets up to perform the rituals on both Varun and Kavya. Pandit Jee asks the bachelor to make the bridegroom wear the ring; Sandy snappily goes to give flowers to all the ladies when Roma opens the ring box; Varun, while smiling, turns to Kavya, who raises her hand; he also kneels in front of her to perform the engagement ritual, after which everyone starts clapping; Kavya also takes the ring that Varun has to wear; they are all celebrating it; Sandy indeed blows the party poppers; Varun leverages Kavya, who also comes to take the blessings of everyone; she indeed hugs Rajveer; they are all enjoying themselves. In the night, Rajveer returns to find Preeta sleeping on the sofa. He locks the door when Preeta wakes up, asking if he came back, so he asks him to sit down, but Rajveer is reluctant when she asks if he’d not ask why she isn’t sleeping in her room. Preeta replies that she was staying for him as he got late, and he apologizes still. Preeta says the moment was the engagement of Kavya, which she understands. Rajveer wonders what kind of coexistence it is that Maa said he went to the engagement of his family when she doesn’t know she’s the mama. 

Rajveer says he’s going to sleep, but Preeta asks him to stay and also smells him. He asks if she was trying to look for a commodity to drink, and Preeta replies she’ll have to be alert if he doesn’t make the same mistake. She praises him when Rajveer starts smiling. Still, Preeta says it’s nothing to smile about, as drinking is the veritably wrong thing, and after drinking, they tend to make miscalculations about which they have no idea. She has forgiven him previously, but if he does it again, she’ll not let it go. Rajveer apologizes still. Preeta says the moment he has come, so she’s glad. She also has to go to her sanitarium hereafter, and it’s also a veritably big day, MahaShivratri, so they should sleep snappily. Palki tells Shanaya that she used every way to try and force Rajveer to reveal the truth about what’s hurting him, but he doesn’t want to partake in the effects of his heat. She asked him politely and angrily, but he’s not participating in anything. Shanaya says that they tend to partake in effects between each other, but if he’s not doing it also, she should leave him. Hearing this, Palki is shocked.

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