Kumkum Bhagya 5 March 2024 Episode Update:

Kumkum Bhagya 5 March 2024 Episode, Written Update on googlewith.com. Video episode 5th March 2024.

The occasion starts with Harleen telling Cara that he’d promised that he’d leave Poorvi in her house, but why did he bring her back? Cara says I couldn’t leave her. Harleen asks why, when it was decided that we would leave her in her mayka and never bring her back, you also brought her back. Vikrant and Vaishali ask him to say. Harman asks Cara to tell if he has any passions for Poorvi, indeed by mistake. Cara says no; he doesn’t feel anything for her. He says Khushi had come to meet me to give me restraining orders and told me that I couldn’t meet her family. He says I was fine with it, and she says that they’re getting Poorvi’s remarriage done, and he says that he saw the bachelor’s family at her house. He also says Khushi came to my office and gave me divorce papers. 

Vaishali says it’s good; it’s easy for her. Harleen says that you would have been disassociated. RV says I’ll decide my divorce and will handle my life and take opinions myself, and she’ll not do it. He says she has given me deep injuries, and my vengeance isn’t complete. Deepika comes there and says Monisha is veritably angry and is going to Poorvi’s room to throw her out. Dadi asks Poorvi if she understands what she’s telling her. Poorvi says, “Ji.” Dadi tells her that Dada Ji asked her to talk to her. She says your dad ji cracks the joke, but he’s veritably humane and sees everything. Monisha says this is my house, and I’ll not let her catch it. She asks if they suppose that I’ll be silent and says I’ll throw her out. Dadi tells Poorvi that Dada Ji was bothered that you both had a fight, and that’s why he was asking Cara constantly to bring you back. Poorvi says I’m so sorry. She asks if you know about the RV and Monisha’s engagement. Dadi asks if you came to know about them and says that they never liked Monisha. Poorvi thinks about how to tell Dadi that I saw them together. She’s about to say. 

Dadi says that engagement doesn’t matter, but marriage does, as marriage happens with all the rituals: kumkum is filled, and mangalsutra is tied to the bridegroom. She asks her to fight for her rights and says RV is married to you, and he’s yours. She says you have to fight for your rights and says, indeed, God is with you. She asks her to be happy. RV stops Monisha and takes her to another room. Monisha says I’m going to throw Poorvi out of the house. RV stops her and says she’s nothing for me. Monisha asks what she’s doing in your bedroom and bed and says it was your plan to throw her out. She says I’m not like ordinary girls but won’t be quiet and says you’re mine. She says if you had told me that you wanted to marry Poorvi for vengeance, I would have agreed. She says I let your name, Kumkum, be filled in her maang, and she says I love you so much. She says I’ll move Poorvi from my way, and Cara says I’ll not let you throw Poorvi. He says I’ve brought her then to take vengeance; my vengeance isn’t done completely; I didn’t get the peace and happiness until now. He asks, Do you have an idea of what has happened? and tells me that Khushi has brought restraining orders to me and came to my office with the divorce papers. He says an alliance also came for Poorvi. He says if this was my vengeance, and if Khushi had fallen on my bases and contended in front of me, also my vengeance would have been fulfilled. He says he wants her and her family to get tortured like my family. He says if I hadn’t brought Poorvi back, Khushi would have won and would have gotten her remarriage done. He says that’s why I brought Poorvi then. He says I’ll torture and give her pain, and this will be when Poorvi stays. He says if Poorvi stays there, Khushi will also win and get peace. He says now that Khushi will be upset, and then I’ll bear with Poorvi to torture Khushi. He says I want all of your support to end the wrathfulness, pain, etc. inside me. He asks his parents. 

Harleen holds his hand, Harman says I’m always with you, and Deepika says I’m sorry, but I’ll support Monisha. Monisha nods her head to support the RV. RV thanks her and says we’ve got to do this out of character, as we aren’t like this. He says the person doing sin is a minatory, and the person who bears it’s a minatory too. He says my family is married to the evil Joe because of Khushi and says he didn’t let her come to my marriage. He says I’ll take vengeance; Khushi has ruined everything. I’ll take my vengeance and will go to any extent. Poorvi comes out of the restroom and opens the cupboard. She keeps her clothes in it. RV comes there and opens his cupboard to find Poorvi’s clothes also. He asks her to keep her clothes in her bag. Poorvi asks why. He says this is my almira. Poorvi says this room and Almira are also mine, and he says I’ll use them too. RV says let’s see for how many days. He goes to the restroom to change his clothes. Poorvi rests on the bed. RV comes out and sees her on the bed. She says she’ll not ask him to partake in bed with her.

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