Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5 March 2024 Episode Update:

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5 March 2024 Episode, Update on Video episode 5th March 2024.

The occasion starts with Abhira noting down the ideas for the fundraiser. She says we will decide the party theme, just suppose snappily. Everyone thinks. She doesn’t let anyone say anything and writes the themes on the board. Dadi asks, Why did you call us when you didn’t want to speak? Abhira says I got an idea and I forget it occasionally. I’m strange, so I write it down. Sorry,  Dadisa, I stick to my word. You scold me and don’t give me cate after food. Dadi says you give ideas but don’t make us dollies. Abhira says poppet.
cotillion, great minds suppose likewise. 

Dadi says it’s a NGO fundraiser, not a kiddie party. I want to keep the ball cotillion. Abhira says it’ll be boring; we will keep poppet cotillion. Ruhi says time out. They all look on. Manisha and Armaan suggest the theme. He says I give perfect ideas. Ruhi says you move everyone with your bad ideas; I’ve got a big reason to fight. She goes. Vikas and Manish see Manav treating a girl. Vikas says no bone
can come between Manav and his case. Manav talks to the girl. He gives her chocolate. She thanks and goes. He sees Vikas. He hugs and greets them. Abhira comes to Ruhi and asks her to eat a delicacy; her mood will get better. She says you’re sensible; don’t get angry and invite wrinkles. I don’t know why you both fought. Ruhi asks, Don’t you know? Abhira asks her to say the truth. Ruhi says he also hears. Armaan comes and drops commodities. He looks at Ruhi. 

Abhira says we were talking about sorting out your issue. He says Ruhi was venting wrathfulness on you. Ruhi goes. Abhira asks him to drink water. She says commodity majors happened between you. He coughs. He says he doesn’t want to talk about this. She says if it’s your mistake, also don’t keep pride and say sorry to Ruhi; I know your fellowship is necessary. Dev says I’m veritably happy for you; you have eventually induced your family. Dev and Charu see Sanjay in the cabin. Sanjay keeps his feet on the table. Vidya says Armaan and Abhira didn’t come. Manisha says they’ve come. Aryan clicks Armaan and Abhira’s snap. Dev greets Sanjay and asks, “Did you come to talk to me? Sanjay says I’ve come to take my son; you shouldn’t have involved her; fire her from the job. Dev says this is my office; you don’t need to tell me about my workers. Charu is a good intern; I won’t remove her. Sanjay says you both have to pay for this. 

Dev says to have a good day. Armaan says Krish called me; where is he? Ruhi says, Why did Kiara call me then? They collide and say sorry. Abhira comes and says that you both said sorry. Ruhi says I didn’t see him. Abhira says to end this fight. Armaan says come; Dadi is staying. Abhira says we know you worry for Ruhi; say sorry. He says sorry, Ruhi. Ruhi also says sorry. Ruhi and Armaan argue. They go. Dadi says this poppet cotillion was your idea; the artist cancelled it. Abhira asks what. She sees Dadi and smiles. Dadi says no; remove that idea; there is no way. Abhira says come with me formerly, I’ll explain you. She announces the performance. Dadi and Abhira cotillion on Pallo Latke. Manisha says Abhira made Mummysa cotillion; she can do anything. Ruhi recalls Abhira’s words. Armaan and everyone smile and crack for them. Vidya says you danced so well. Manisha says Mummysa is stylish. Abhira hisses. Dadi says I did that fundraiser. Abhira says you did it well for other dollies who also got the energy; . you want to see Do Abhira and Ruhi cotillion on Ban Armaan, ThanEveryone Chali with them. Armaan holds Ruhi’s hand. Abhira says you’re so talented; we did it. Dadi says, Okay, don’t get on my head. Abhira sees Armaan holding Ruhi’s hand.

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