Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29 February 2024 Episode Update: The occasion starts with Armaan apologizing to Abhira

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29 February 2024 Episode, Written Update on Video episode 29th February 2024

The occasion starts with Armaan apologizing to Abhira. She says Akshara has offered her life for me, and moment you were immolating your life for my mum, you’re just like her, I can noway pay back your favor. Abhira says I did n’t make any favor, you always help me. He says I could n’t save your mum, but you have saved my mum, I m still rude to you, I m so sorry. Ruhi thinks to inform police. Abhira says you’re organized, your room is noway messy, your life got meddled up after I’ve come, you take a stage for me, who does this. He says you have done a lot for my family, you admire Dadi, no bone does this. Ruhi comes there and sees them holding hands.

Abhira says Yuvraj got after Vidya because of me, I did n’t do anything big by saving her. He says thank you. She jokes. He says I knew it, you’ll crack a bad joke, I got you then, I just got my family then. She says you’re frenetic, its special place, why did you get me then, I m nothing, I do n’t earn to be then. He says you earn to be then like my family. He writes her name. She says stop it, Armaan. Manoj comes to Dadi. Dadi gives him a train. He says its Saxena’s account, Sanjay handles this. She says you’ll handle it from moment. Sanjay says Saxenas are our old and imp guests. Dadi says I know, they’re veritably imp, they trust our establishment that we will decide the right thing for them. Sanjay argues. She scolds him. She says sorry, the person who supports a killer and kidnapper, I do n’t trust him.

Sanjay says I’ve won numerous cases for this establishment, you suppose Manoj will win it, better give the cases to Abhira, she might win one case. Dadi says I do n’t watch if Manoj loses the cases, but Poddars will noway fight a case to support a killer. Abhira asks what’s the need to do this. Armaan says you’re with me for a short time, but imp for me. Ruhi’s phone rings. Armaan and Abhira see her. Ruhi says sorry, I was going to Manish’s house, I saw Armaan’s auto and allowed you both are in some problem, so sorry, I’ll go. Armaan stops Ruhi. He says Abhira, Ruhi has helped me reach you. Ruhi says I did n’t do anything. He says you got Abhira’s mobile and read Yuvraj’s communication, you saw her lavalieres , so we could reach Abhira. Abhira leverages Ruhi and thanks her. Ruhi says I feel our relation is veritably old. They suppose to have icecream and play to decide. Armaan grins. He says sort your fights playing this game. They eat the icecream. Yeh Rishta kya. plays They come home. He says I suppose you both were sisters in the last birth. Abhira asks what happed to you all. Armaan asks what happed. Vidya says you three are laughing and talking. Abhira says yes, we’re peace suckers. Dadi says yes, Abhira noway fights, she’s veritably peaceful. Abhira smiles. Manisha says Ruhi, you had gone to Manish’s house, how did you meet them. Abhira says she saw our auto on the way and joined us. Madhav says we’re going to play dumb shows, come, we will make a platoon. Dadi says Charu is n’t then. Madhav asks where is Charu. Sanjay asks Kajal where is Charu.

Kajal says she said she went for shopping for her friend’s marriage. Dadi recalls Charu’s taradiddle . Krish says we will start the game, choose your platoon now, choose one chalk, some are long and some are short, this way we will decide the platoon. Everyone selects the chalks. They make the brigades. Ruhi and Armaan are in one platoon. Vidya asks Ruhi to start. Manisha tells the movie name to Ruhi. Ruhi says its tough. They play. Dadi thinks where is Charu. Abhira dispatches Charu and asks her to come home soon. Dadi looks at her. Abhira says I was killing mosquitoes. Charu checks the communication. She says Abhira contacted, it means she has come back. She looks for a hack. Dev says you’re still then. She says I m not chancing a hack. He says I’ll drop you home. She thanks him. He says I want to give a honest advice, tell your family about the externship. Charu says not everyone can say the verity. Abhira tries to explain. Armaan jokes. Abhira calls him rude. Dadi asks what did you call him. Abhira says he calls me by bad names. Armaan says I call her Abhira, she calls me Dada ji when I explain her, and she calls you Dadi asks what. Armaan says time over, you lost. Manisha says see Armaan is clever, he wasted our time. Abhira says yes, he’s a cheater. She sits back. Armaan grins.

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