Kundali Bhagya 29 February 2024 Episode Update

Kundali Bhagya 29 February 2024 Episode, Written Update on Googlewith.com Video episode 29th February 2024

Rakhi asks karan what happed and what was he allowing about, Karan thinks if he tells her that the one she liked was Preeta also she’d go to her right now as she’ll get veritably emotional, Rakhi also asks Karan if he’s indeed harkening to her, Karan assures that Rakhi would be treated by the same therapist to which Rakhi agrees, karan thanks the nanny saying he’ll take her so also leaves with Rakhi. In the night Daljeet is helping Shanaya get ready and asks if she understood what she was told, Shanaya agrees but also Daljeet sits down asking what did she say, Shanaya replies she shouldn’t fight with Nidhi jee, Daljeet asks the reason so Shanaya says because Shaurya loves his mama a lot and she must take care of him, Daljeet says she felt it after seeing Shaurya with his mama in the request so she set up out he respects his mama a lot, and whenever she’d come on the main road he’d take her to the side, she wishes if Shanaya was also like this still says that Shanaya would herself push her on the main road but Shanaya replies her mama is veritably bad and she’d not do anything of the kind, the door bell rings and Palki snappily runs, Daljeet sits down mentioning it would surely be Rajveer, Palki asks him to come outside and he greets her but also Daljeet takes Shanaya as she isn’t wearing an observance ring. Rajveer apologizes to Palki for how he conducted last night, Palki asks him to take care of himself and partake if he hs anything in his heart and only when the time is right, Daljeet returns questioning what were they both talking about, she asks the three of them to leave because the function would end and they would still be standing then, Daljeet leverages Shanaya advising her to make sure Shaurya is just with her, Shanaya says that Shaurya is veritably weird so doesn’t earn her nice geste, she leaves after taking her phone which worries Daljeet.

Karan along with Kavya welcome Varun and his family members, Varun’s father apologizes for getting this marriage be so soon revealing they’re going to shift to London, the father of Varun informs his son is veritably talented and would indeed get a lot of openings there, Nidhi comes to also hail them asking why are they not coming outside, Nidhi also asks Garesh to make sure there’s nothing left in taking care of the guests, she informs Karan how the Pandit is arriving veritably soon, she indeed asks Varun to see how Kavya grew up veritably soon, explaining that moment is the engagement and she’d indeed leave after getting wedded so she’ll miss her a lot, Nidhi tells that she doesn’t suppose about living her life without Shaurya and Kavya. The mtoher of Varun says that daughters tend to give them gashes while leaving, Nidhi says they should noway hurt her son Kavya indeed telling Varun that small arguments be but if he gets angry also should shoot her back to them and call her back formerly his wrathfulness clams down, as they would also get to spend some time. Varun replies he doesn’t get angry hail which Nidhi says she likes it, the mama of Varun says she noway saw Nidhi jee like this but moment when Kavya is getting engaged also all her feelings are coming out as this is how maters are like, the father of Varun agrees with Nidhi explaining they should noway let the son in law feel any change and so the mama of Varun explains that it would not be any problems, she says that she feels they should talk about it before the marriage. Karan also says that he’d not let anyone live who thinks of teasing his son, Varun replies that Karan sir shouldn’t be bothered as he’d be present which karan agrees to.

Rakhi comes when she starts chatting everyone still Karan takes her to the side along with Bani Dadi asking her to move Rakhi, but also Rakhi says she doesn’t understand it, karan question what did the croaker tell her that she shouldn’t leave the wheelchair and also why did she come down the stairs, Rakhi replies she can not believe Karan is saying this when he should be happy his mama walked by herself, Karan asks if he should actually understand it, Rakhi replies he took her to the sanitarium so now she si feeling better and this is why she put the wheelchair to rest, she says she’s upset how she’d look if she sits in the wheelchair. Karan asks Bani Dadi if she heard the true reason and informs she’s veritably enough, but why is Rakhi ruining her health. Bani Dadi agrees with Karan but Rakhi says if they both would scold her also she’ll feel bad, Bani Dadi asks Karan why is he scolding his mama , karan mentions whenever he’d make any mistake in his nonage also the person who would scold him the most is his mama so now he has the right, Rakhi replies she wants to live her life to the fullest, as moment is the engagement of Kavya and Varun after which they would get wedded, she wants to see them grow up and have children so Karan should let her life the live, she asks Bani Dadi when Karan joins his hands saying it’s insolvable to move her, they all leave. Kavya is walking with Varun when a server bumps into him causing the drinks to fall on his shoes, the server gets upset and starts apologizing but Varun says that it might be with anyone so he should just relax, he asks Kavya to go and meet the musketeers while he’ll clean it all up, she asks if he needs any help but he refuses so she goes to her musketeers.

Rajveer enters the party with Shanaya and palki, he gets a call from Mr Panday so he sends them both ahead while he himself answers the call asking Mr Panday to say who questions what happed with their plan, Mr Panday says they’ve just gotten in a deal to ruin Karan Luthra together, Rajveer remembers when he made the deal and is about to answer but also sees Shaurya, he says he indeed has the plan ready as they say that one who’s close would ruin everything and Shaurya is the one who would be enough to ruin it, Mr Panday doesn’t understand when Rajveer informs that hereafter the new design would start but it would be the biggest trouble for them and indeed dodge the biggest loss but Mr Panday says why can they not do it tonight, Rajveer informs that he has a problem with Mr Luthra and they shouldn’t suppose of harming his family. Rajveer goes to Shaurya asking him to come as he needs to tell commodity, Shaurya asks why does Rajveer suppose he has any interest in talking about it, hearing which Rajveer leaves saying that he allowed
it would be better if he hears it, Rajveer leaves when Shaurya also follows him. Preeta is treating a case when the croaker comes chatting the case to interrogate about her health who says she’s feeling better due to the nice croaker, when the elderly croaker informs that Preeta would always stay in this sanitarium, he suggests that Preeta should also agree if someone wants to hire as a private therapist, Preeta agrees when the croaker
leaves. Palki and Shanaya wish Kavya who replies that she’s glad that they both came to her party as now it came intriguing, Shanaya promises to always stand by her in the events, Kavya indeed makes Palki promise who agrees but also Kavya says she isn’t only talking of the marriage but indeed her life as she has a special bond with Palki just like Rajveer, as she doesn’t have any blood relation with him and so feels their relation is indeed more also factual siblings, Palki thinks about what Rajveer said to her in the morning, she leaves.

Rajveer is standing when Shaurya comes from before and stroking him on the shoulder asks what did he want to talk about, Rajveer replies that he feels they should end all the problems that are amongst them both as he feels Shaurya is a veritably talented person who has done veritably successful systems, Shaurya replies he doesn’t watch for anything, he knows his father doesn’t see the gift in him but he’s fine by it, he warns Rajveer to stop wasting his time and gets up to leave, Rajveer says Shaurya should prove his father wrong and handle the new design, Shaurya is shocked while Rajveer is smiling.

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