Kumkum Bhagya 29 February 2024 Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 29 February 2024 Episode, Written Update on googlewith.com. Video episode 29th February 2024

The occasion starts with Poorvi running behind Diya to catch her. Vishaka scolds Diya and Poorvi. Prachi asks Vishaka to scold them. Poorvi says Diya has hurt me a lot, she was drooling with Soham, but did n’t tell her. Divya comes to Poorvi and kisses on her forepart and takes out bad sight from her. Vishaka asks her to apply kala tika to her. Divya applies. Poorvi asks what did I do? Divya gives credit of Diya and Soham’s alliance to Poorvi and her fortune. Vishaka says we’ve the diamond and they saw it during Poorvi’s marriage and liked her. They all are happy. Divya tells that they shall get caravan and Poorvi do the puja. Vishaka asks Poorvi to do everyone’s betterment. Poorvi thinks what will be when they know about caravan and her relation verity. Khushi tells caravan that she’ll destroy him and till now she did n’t do anything. She warns him and goes out. caravan thinks of her trouble and calls Receptionist to stop her. Receptionist tries to stop Khushi, but she does n’t stop.

caravan comes behind Khushi and stops her. He says I did n’t say when you was saying and says I’ve changed my plan and was about to come to your house. Khushi shows the divorce papers and says first I allowed to give it to Poorvi, but you shall subscribe and give papers to Poorvi. She goes. caravan gashes the papers and sits down. He thinks Khushi will rue. Poorvi’s innerself tells her that she has to go and what she’ll do? Poorvi says I’ll tell the verity that the alliance happed because of Diya only. Her innerself asks what will be if you do n’t go and says they’re proud now, but will be sad and their heads will be low. She says people might tease her and Diya’s alliance can break. She asks her to suppose who’s important for her, if she’s important or her family is important to herself. Prachi comes out to dry their clothes. The neighbors dish that caravan has left Poorvi and won’t come to take her. The neighbor tells that caravan is a good joe and must have understood that Poorvi isn’t suitable for him in the first night itself. Prachi loses her cool and asks them to mind their own business. The neighbor says they’re upset for Poorvi. Prachi says I’m her mama and cares for her, you do n’t need to give. Other menial asks why caravan did n’t come. Prachi says it’s our family matter and caravan’s family are happy with us and we’re happy with them. The neighbor asks Prachi when caravan is coming? Prachi goes inside the house upset. The neighbor tells other neighbors that they shall educate a assignment to Khushi.

Vishaka asks prachi why she brought the clothes back. Manpreet and Divya also asks her. Prachi takes the phone. Vishaka asks Divya to be quiet. Prachi says she’s calling caravan, why he did n’t come to take Poorvi back. caravan thinks it’s Poorvi’s mama ’s call and does n’t pick the call. Prachi says he’s not picking the call. Khushi comes and hears, says he must be busy. Prachi asks where did you go? Khushi says for important work. Poorvi thinks of caravan’s words and calls him. He does n’t pick the call. Khushi asks why you’re calling him and tells that he shall call you. She asks did you have food. Poorvi says everyone is happy with caravan and feels that Diya alliance happed because of us. Khushi asks her not to worry.

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