Kundali Bhagya 27 March 2024 episode Written Update: Preeta tells Karan that

Kundali Bhagya 27 March 2024 episode written Update on Googewith.com. Video Update episode 27th March 2024.

Kundali Bhagya 27 March 2024 scene starts with Preeta tells Karan that he cares about his family so much. She says that she saw him supplicating for Nidhi. She asks him whether she made him awkward. Karan shook his head. He tells her that they are companions. He says that he needs Nidhi to be fine for his children’s sake. The constable tells Preeta to take off since Karan’s family came to meet her. Karan asks Preeta whether she can’t remain for a few more minutes. Preeta tells him that she will come to meet him afterward and clears out from there.

Rakhi tells Kareena that she is not understanding who came to meet Karan. Kareena trusts it’s not any writer. They get irate at seeing Preeta. Kareena tells Rakhi that she feels like Preeta did not lose her memory. Rakhi asks Preeta why the last mentioned person came to meet Karan at this time. Kareena says that the writer may utilize this. Rakhi tells Preeta not to meet Karan once more. She goes inside with Kareena.

Beeji asks Daljeet what’s off-base if Palki needs to spend time with Rajveer. She learns that Daljeet slapped Palki, and she reproves Daljeet.

The police auditor tells the writers that tomorrow he will visit the healing center to take Nidhi’s articulation. He says that if Nidhi’s articulation is against Karan, at that point, Karan will be rebuffed. He includes that Nidhi ought to donate articulation some time ago when the court rebuffed Karan. Preeta listens to this and asks him to offer assistance to Luthras.

Karan asks Rakhi and Kareena to carry on well with Preeta. Kareena tells Karan that he does not care about their sentiments. Rakhi tells Kareena that Karan has changed. She tells Karan that his activities are harming them. She says that Preeta’s spouse is standing in front of her, not her child, and clears out from there. Kareena tells Karan that he hurt Rakhi. Karan tells her that Preeta is Luthra’s daughter-in-law and Preeta has been working in the healing center since a money-related emergency. Rakhi returns and says that Preeta is not the daughter-in law of Luthras.

Preeta tells the police reviewer that Karan is blameless, so he ought to come to the clinic tomorrow to take Nidhi’s articulation. The police auditor tells her that Nidhi is oblivious. She tells him that Nidhi will recapture awareness tomorrow, and Nidhi will grant articulation in Karan’s support and clear out from there.

Rajveer asks Palki why she battled with Daljeet. Palki tells him that Daljeet has issues with his compensation and his status. He tells her that he is not wealthy and that he is fortunate to have her. She says that she attempted to tell Daljeet that Rajveer did things for her so much. He tells her that she adores him so much. He says that they can battle against the world for each other and embrace her. Daljeet tells Beeji that Palki crossed the limits; that’s why she responded like that. Beeji tells Daljeet that she will offer assistance to the last mentioned to break Palki and Rajveer’s relationship.

The next day, Preeta comes to the clinic and talks to the oblivious Nidhi. She tells Nidhi that Luthras are stressed, approximately the last mentioned. She advises Nidhi that police be captured in Nidhi’s suicide endeavor case.

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