Bhagya Lakshmi 27 March 2024 episode Written Update: Neelam inquires of Anushka

Bhagya Lakshmi 27 March 2024 episode written Update on Video Update episode 27th March 2024.

Bhagya Lakshmi 27 March 2024: Neelam inquires of Anushka what she is doing. Anushka says she is checking Rohan’s toys. Ansuhska makes, beyond any doubt, the farther the car is working. The inaccessible car hits Harleen. Neelam asks Harleen to be cautious. Harleen says it’s a great thing that she hasn’t dropped the Prashad; if not, something unpropitious would have happened. Neelam says right now everything is great, as Lakshmi has cleared out this house and Malishka got to be the daughter-in law of this house. Neelam clears out from there. Harleen feels something great is going to happen.

Malishka goes to affirm whether it is Lakshmi or not, but she loses her. Malishka considers her not Lakshmi, as Lakshmi is dead. Malishka drinks water.

Rishi asks Parvati if she needs anything. Parvati takes Rishi’s phone and mirrors him on how he carries on in his office. Rishi says he as it were chastens individuals who as it were do terrible work. Parvati says she will see it by seeing him work in the office. Rishi agrees.

Malishka gets eager, considering she saw Lakshmi. Malishka drinks water and chooses to stop the car. Malishka still feels eager, considering she saw Lakshmi. Malishka chooses to look for Lakshmi.

Rohan brings Lakshmi to the shopping center. Rohan says to Ujwal, the shop proprietor, that he will purchase blessings for Lakshmi and Pavati, and Rishi will grant the cash to him. Ujwal concurs and says he can take anything he needs. Rohan takes Lakshmi to purchase gifts.

Malishka comes to the shop looking for Lakshmi and considers that Lakshmi will not be in this house as they have a lovely, costly collection here. Malishka goes to look in other shops.

Malishka then comes back, looking for Lakshmi, as she looks at all the shops other than this one. Malishka begins looking in Ujwal’s shop.

Rishi brings Parvati to the office. Parvati sees that it is a truly enormous office. Ayush comes, and sacrosanct Parvati comes from her back. Avinash moreover welcomes Parvati.

Rohan chooses a dress for Lakshmi and asks Lakshmi to attempt this dress. Lakshmi concurs and goes to the path room. Rohan chooses to astonish Lakshmi, so he stows away beneath the table.

Malishka looks for Lakshmi, but she doesn’t discover her anywhere. Malishka, moreover, chooses to see in the path room. Malishka sees somebody in the path room and thumps on the entryway. A fellow comes and says his sweetheart is in the path room. Malishka hearing this takes off from there.

The guy’s sweetheart comes out and says to him that she came out of his room a long time ago. The fellow and his sweetheart take off from there. Lakshmi comes out of the path room and looks for Rohan.

An ancient woman asks Lakshmi for her assistance in selecting a dress. Lakshmi concurs. Rohan goes to drink water. Malishka sees a lady from behind and thinks she is Lakshmi, so she goes to her.

Parvati says her stomach is full. Parvati says she feels languid. Parvati talks almost to Lakshmi and says that Lakshmi continuously says that her father has gone to a distant, absent place. Parvati feels sad.

Malishka sees that the lady is not Lakshmi and feels diminished. Malishka considers she might have seen this lady and thought she was Lakshmi.

The ancient woman acclaims Lakshmi’s choice and takes the dress. Malishka doesn’t take note of Lakshmi and takes off from there.

Rishi says to Parvati that they will before long discover her father and asks Parvati not to stress. Ayush asks Parvati to call her if she misses him.

Malishka returns domestic, and Kiran, moreover, comes to Oberoi House. Mukesh offers juice to Malishka and Kiran.

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