Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1 March 2024 Episode Update: Armaan and Ruhi have a moment while playing the game with the family

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1 March 2024 Episode, Written Update on Video episode 1st March 2024

Armaan and Ruhi have a moment while playing the game with the family. At the Goenka house, Surekha tells Manish that he’ll do the makeup and make Vikas look sick. Manish asks Vikas to wear the monkey cap. Vijay refuses to wear it. Manish calls up Manav. Vikas asks him not to scarify Manav about marriage. He says that Manish should lie to Manav about his sickness and ask him to come to India. Manish calls up Manav. Vikas says that children reply to just shocks these days. He wants Manav to come to India and agree to get wedded. Kaveri watches Dev dropping Charu. She’s worried and shocked to see them together. Dev apologizes for advising Charu without knowing her situation.

Kajal comes to tell Kaveri that the latter’s platoon has won. Kaveri replies that Kajal has failed to give a good parenting to Charu. Charu says that she wants to make her family proud. Dev says that he’s proud of her and that one day, her family will be proud too. He makes a leave. Charu happily dances and feels love for Dev. She runs inside the house with a smiling face. Kaveri stops her at the door. She asks Charu for the snacks she had promised to get for her. Charu lies to her that she got late because of her musketeers and could n’t get the snacks. Kaveri angrily slaps her. The family members come out of their gleeful mood and worry seeing Kaveri’s wrath. Manish speaks to Manav, who enquires about Vikas. Manav asks is Vikas okay. Manish tells him that Vikas is n’t doing well. Vikas acts sick. Manav asks him if he has applied some makeup. He knows his forefather well. He understands Vikas is pretending to be sick. He says that he’s a croaker and he can see the verity. He adds that he can see the espionage ladies as well. He greets the Goenkas. Vikas asks them to come to India. Manav asks him not to talk about his marriage. He puts a condition that Vikas wo n’t ask him to get wedded. He makes Vikas promise him. He agrees to meet them soon.

Vikas asks Swarna to find the stylish girl for Manav. Goenkas gets agitated to plan Manav’s marriage. Kaveri reveals to the family that Charu is lying to them and she has been with Dev since the morning. She admits that she had seen Charu with Dev at the café. She asks Charu who’s Dev. Sanjay rebukes Charu. He asks about her relationship with Dev. Charu gets spooked. Abhira wishes Charu would tell the verity. She finds Sanjay raising his wrathfulness and going to poke Charu. She gets in between to defend Charu. She asks him what would he do if Charu did n’t answer him. He asks her if she does n’t admire the family. Abhira defends Charu. Sanjay doubts Charu’s character. He tells that Charu is lying because she has an affair with Dev. Charu weeps in anguish. Abhira lectures Sanjay. She asks Charu to speak up and take a stage for her respect. Sanjay says that Charu has nothing to say. He asks what Abhira knows that she’s defending Charu. He blames Abhira for supporting Krish and Charu and making them against the family. Abhira says that Dev is their master. Kaveri asks her if Charu is working in the same office. She’s hurt that Charu kept her externship under wraps. She asks Abhira why she hides effects and lies to them. She wants to know Abhira’s motives. She says that Abhira has spoilt the family’s children.

Abhira does n’t get spooked of her. Kaveri punishes Charu by limiting her at home and asking her to abdicate from her job. Armaan stops Abhira and gapes with wrathfulness over the new disagreement. latterly, Abhira wants to unite Armaan with his nut. Armaan does n’t suppose he can get back his love ever. Ruhi is worried to hear this.

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