Kundali Bhagya 2 March 2024 Episode Update:

Kundali Bhagya 2 March 2024 Episode, Written Update on Googlewith.com Video episode 2nd March 2024

In the opening scene of moment’s Kundali Bhagya occasion, which airs on March 1, 2024, Shaurya notices Karan enter the room and becomes curious about what he might have hidden in that hole. Shaurya enters the room after Karan leaves and moves towards the press to check the hole, awaiting that no bone
is present. In the meantime, Shanaya runs into Sandy, who’s likewise in the dark about Shaurya’s whereabouts, while looking for him since she wants to talk to him about Karan’s news.

Shanaya questions Sandy why she’s beginning to see why Shaurya detests Rajveer so much, and she also inquires with Sandy why Karan gives Rajveer so much of a preference. Sandy responds that they had been allowing the same thing. Resolved to put effects right, Karan returns to the festivity, promising to bring back the family members and connections they’ve parted ways with over the times, including Preeta and Rajveer. In the forthcoming occasion, Karan returns to the function determined to reunite with Rajveer, Preeta, and the Luthra family. gaping at Rajveer, who’s standing piecemeal from Palki, Karan becomes worried.

Karan longs to give his sprat a big grasp and experience the affection he has n’t felt in a long time. As Shaurya is about to unleash Karan’s press, Shanaya interrupts him and says she’s beginning to see why Shaurya has such a solid internal abomination for Rajveer. Shaurya states he hates Rajveer for taking his family and love down from him, but he retracts his statement when Shanaya urges him to repeat it. Karan is startled when Rakhi claims that Preeta has no place in the world or the Luthra family and adds that they do n’t indeed know who Preeta is, indeed if she’s still alive.

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