Teri Meri Doriyaan 1 March 2024 Episode Video Update: Sahiba says he can take different route

Teri Meri Doriyaan 1 March 2024 Episode, Video Update on googlewith.com. Video episode 1st March 2024

Angad and Sahiba head back towards home in their auto after dropping Simran to a Shimla boarding academy. Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyar Mein. song plays in the background. Sahiba asks Angad why did he tell Simran that they would visit her frequently; they’re getting disassociated and she may not meet Simran again. Angad asks why she wants to discipline Simran for his mistake. motorist stops auto, checks, and informs that there’s a road block ahead due to landslide.

Sahiba says he can take different route. motorist says this is the only route, hence they should shift to a near hostel. Angad says perhaps they will reach their fortune by staying then. Sahiba says she’d rather stay in auto than hostel. motorist says cold wave will increase in some time. A mysterious person watches them. Angad tells Sahiba that she has n’t recovered yet and he’s feeling empty, so they should shift to a hostel. Angad asks motorist if there’s a hostel hard. motorist says yes after a 40- nanosecond walk. Angad asks where will he stay. motorist says he’ll shift to his kinsman’s place and will pick them from hostel. He enters hostel’s position on mobile.

Angad asks him to lock the auto duly and go. motorist gets their bags out. Sahiba says she’ll carry her bag by herself. Angad walks in frontal following GPS and says they will reach hostel in 20 twinkles. Sahiba smothers on him and says it’s too cold then. She falls into water. He pulls her out and says formerly she was shivering and now fell in to water, how will she manage; he’s feeling veritably empty and wants to reach hostel soon. Angad lifts Sahiba and walks. Mysterious person continues to follow them. His/ her mobile falls down and he picks it back. Sahiba notices light and informs Angad. Angad asks if someone is there and checks. Person hides. Angad says perhaps she saw a firefly or a carnivorous beast’s eyes.

Sahiba gets strained. He lifts her and walks again. She says GPS isn’t working, also why is he walking in this direction. Angad says he can see bank in that direction, it means someone is there. They reach a shack. Angad knocks the door and asks if there’s someone. Door opens and they find no bone there. Sahiba continues to shiver. Angad asks Sahiba to wear his clothes from his bag and walks out to check network. He feels cold and rushes back in to find Sahiba wearing his pant shirt. He smiles and drinks water. Sahiba gets angry and says he can laugh on her openly, her clothes are drying and she’ll return his clothes soon. She slips. He holds her. Their eyes lock. Phir Na Aisi Raat Ayegi. song plays in the background.

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