Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2 March 2024 Episode Update:

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2 March 2024 Episode, Written Update on Video episode 2nd March 2024

The occasion starts with Armaan and Abhira arguing. He says this happens in common family, one decision affects everyone. She asks will you suffocate Charu’s dreams, she wanted to do a job. He says you do n’t know my family, you wo n’t support her job. She says they’ve to understand, its time, elders also acclimate according to children. Charu says my life is ruined, I wo n’t have a career and name. Ruhi says relax, Armaan will move Dadi once she calms down. Abhira comes there. Ruhi says Charu is worried, please go. Abhira says I want to talk to her. Ruhi says we know your dreams are imp to her, but Charu is n’t like you. Abhira says I know, I did n’t come to make her Abhira part 2. Ruhi says you have created a drama there, you ca n’t understand what Charu is going through.

Abhira says I understand her well, I go to office every day and see her working hard, I need to talk to her. Charu says I do n’t want to talk to you, you do n’t try to run everyone’s lives according to you. She argues. She says you’re jealous of me. Armaan and everyone come. Armaan shouts Charu. Charu scolds him. Ruhi says enough Charu. Charu says he’s my family, but not enjoy. Armaan’s hand start shaking. He cries. Charu says he did n’t help me. Abhira says he always took your side. Charu says he supports only you, so you do for externship, he has shown that own blood is own. Madhav and Vidya cry. Abhira holds Armaan. Ruhi recalls Arman’s words. Armaan cries and leaves.

Madhav says Ruhi, take Charu outside. Vidya asks Charu to go outside. Ruhi takes Charu. Madhav holds Abhira and says go to Armaan, he needs you. Abhira nods. Armaan comes to his room. He covers himself under the mask and cries. He recalls Charu and Dadi’s words. dur chal kahin plays He says no, I should n’t feel bad of Charu’s words, she’s worried, this family has accepted me, they love me. He sees the family snap. He cleans the frame and says I wo n’t let any stain come on my family. Ruhi asks did you see Abhira, our words can affect others, his heart broke. Abhira says I’ll fix his heart now. Its morning, Abhira gets kachoris for everyone. She looks upstairs. Dadi asks her to serve food. Ruhi asks did Manish transferred these kachoris. Abhira says no, I made it, its my mumma’s form. Armaan comes and greets Dadi. Abhira says sit, I’ve made kachoris for you. He says no, keep some for me. Ruhi asks shall I give you peanut adulation sandwich. He says no, I’ll have it at office. He goes.

Abhira calls him out. Dadi says do n’t call from before. Abhira says sorry, I’ll talk to him face to face. She goes in front of Armaan’s auto and stops him. Armaan asks what are you doing. She says I want to talk to rude Armaan. Ruhi comes to Charu and asks her to talk to Armaan. Charu increases the television volume. Ruhi switches off the television. Charu cries and says no bone has sympathy with me. Abhira asks how important pain will you die, talk to me about Charu. Armaan says she said that in wrathfulness. She says she teased you, you should have told her that you’re imp to this family. She takes his spectacles and asks why are your eyes blown, talk to me. He says I m getting late. She says you have no meeting moment, go and talk to Charu. Ruhi says he loves you so he did n’t fight you. Charu argues. She says sorry, I wo n’t apologize to him. Suwarna calls Ruhi. Ruhi goes. Armaan scolds Abhira. He says sorry. Abhira says its okay, I do n’t have siblings, but I know its elder family’s duty to cover siblings, you’re good in doing your duty, I know you. He says I’ll do what I want. He leaves. Charu calls Dev. She says my family got to know about my externship, they do n’t want to work. He says do n’t cry, fight for your career. She says no bone is with me, my career is over. Dadi says no, no Manisha says event asked you to come with your youngish bahu, take Abhira on. Dadi says go and call Ruhi. Vidya says she has gone to meet Manish. Dadi asks how can Abhira go. Vidya asks her to go with Abhira. Dadi says I’ve no other option. She goes. Vidya smiles. She says stay well there, do n’t do anything and do n’t murmur. Abhira cries and recalls Akshu’s words. Vidya asks what happed. Abhira takes her blessings. Vidya smiles.

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