The “map” of payments from e-EFKA, DYPA for the period 14 to 17 November


During the period from November 14 to 17, 71,025,985 euros will be paid to 72,779 beneficiaries, as part of the scheduled payments of the e-EFKA and the Public Employment Service.


1. The e-EFKA will make the following payments in the period from November 14 to 17, as part of the Agency’s regular payments:
• From November 14 to 17, 23.8 million euros will be paid to 1,060 beneficiaries following the issuance of decisions for one-off
• On November 14, 225,985.00 euros will be paid to 219 beneficiaries for cash benefits (maternity, pregnancy, sickness, accident, funeral expenses).

2. The following payments will be made by DYPA:
• 22 million euros to 40,000 beneficiaries for the payment of unemployment benefits and other benefits
• 20 million euros to 23,000 beneficiaries under subsidized employment programs
• 1.5 million euros to 2,000 mothers for subsidized maternity leave
• 3.5 million euros to 6,500 beneficiaries within community service programs.

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