Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18 March 2024 Written Update: Arman says Abhira

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18 March 2024 Written Update on Video Update episode 18th March 2024.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18 March 2024: Madhav asks Arman to stop criminating Abhira. Arman says Abhira has formerly made fun of the family. Abhira asks Arman what she did. Arman accuses Abhira of stealing the papers and giving them to Dev. Abhira gets shocked. Arman calls Abhira an actor. He blames Abhira. Arman says Abhira dumped her mama , him, and his family. Abhira tries to speak. Arman refuses to hear to Abhira. He says Kaveri wanted to give sanctum to the poor before vacating the place. Arman asks Abhira to go out of his sight. Abhira gets shocked.

Surekha, Manisha, and Swarna bandy Poddar. Surekha accuses Abhira. Manish asks Surekha to stop criminating Abhira of everything. Surekha says Abhira brought a storm to Poddar House. She tells Abhira she’s fighting against Kaveri. Manish shows his belief in Abhira. Swarna asks the reason to believe in Abhira. Manish says Abhira can not be wrong. Swarna says Abhira is a bad auspice. Arman accuses himself of letting Abhira take the train. Ruhi asks Arman to stop criminating himself. She manipulates Arman against Abhira. Abhira wonders how the train reached Dev. Arman thinks Abhira wants vengeance on his family. He was about to fall. Abhira helps Arman. Arman leaves the room.

Ruhi asks Abhira what she’ll steal next. Abhira asks Ruhi to find someone differently for her entertainment. Ruhi asks Abhira to stop disrespecting her. Abhira ignores Ruhi, Ruhi says Abhira hasn’t accepted the poddars. Kaveri thinks about the case. Sanjay accuses Abhira. Kajal says Arman won’t let Kaveri go to jail. Sanjay says Abhira will manipulate Arman. Manoj worries about Kaveri. He thinks the family will be scattered if Kaveri goes to jail. Madhav feels bad for Kaveri. Kiara requests that Charu save Kaveri. Vidya says Kaveri can partake anything with her. Ruhi spots Abhira leaving the house. She informs Arman. Arman thinks Abhira is missing because of her. Sanjay and Kaveri charge Abhira.

Arman worries about Abhira. Sanjay asks Arman to work on the case and forget about Abhira. Arman decides to bring back Abhira being her hubby. Sanjay tries to manipulate Kaveri against Arman. He says Arman will lose the case because of Abhira. Arman looks for Abhira. The poddars stay for Abhira. Charu discloses stealing the papers and giving them to Dev.

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