Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16 March 2024 Written Update:

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16 March 2024 Written Update on Video Update episode 16th March 2024.

In moment’s occasion, Abhira goes to the guest room. Arman works on Kaveri’s case. He worries about why he can not concentrate. Abhira thinks she can now live freely in a separate room. Arman says he should be happy that no bone will disturb him now. Abhira and Arman flash back the history. Both feel each other’s presence. Abhira says Arman called her a pincher, and he is not coming to comfort her. She thinks Arman might be enjoying himself in the room alone.

Arman remembers Abhira. Ruhi tries to feed sweets to Arman. Arman refuses to eat. Vikas and Manav decide to leave. Manish feels shamefaced. Vikas asks Manish not to worry. Swarna thanks Vikas for excusing her. Manav showers love on Swarna and Surekha. Surekha says Ruhi would have been happy with Manav. Vikas says God makes the jodi. He says Ruhi deserves someone differently. Abhira thinks she’ll see a dream about the case in her sleep. She gets spooked of seeing someone’s shadow. Ruhi asks Abhira to calm down. Abhira asks Ruhi what she’s doing in her room.

Ruhi says she wanted to ask whether she took drug or not. Abhira learns Arman has transferred her. Arman thinks he wants Ruhi to move Abhira so that he can take her back. Abhira asks Ruhi why she can not suppose about her life other than Arman. Kaveri asks Ruhi not to help Abhira when she does not want to. She taunts Abhira that her mama has not tutored her to acclimate in a family. She questions Akshara’s parenting. Arman stands stupefied. Abhira closes the door on Arman’s face. Swarna tells Ruhi that Vikas and Manav went back. She asks Ruhi what she’s doing at Poddar House.

Ruhi says she’s comfortable in Poddar House, and everyone gives her attention. Swarna says she knows well who gives her attention. She asks Ruhi to move on. Manish overhears Swarna and Ruhi’s discussion. He says Ruhi used to love someone before marriage. Manish says they should consider the other joe. Swarna says Ruhi can not be happy with the other joe as well. Abhira tells Dev that she’ll not bring any suggestions from her house. Dev learns that Abhira is Arman’s woman
. The journalists question Kaveri. Arman gets angry at Abhira for giving reports to Dev. He calls her a pincher. Abhira gets shocked.

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