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A tool that aims to help ordinary citizens learn about the impact of their daily lives on the environment, inspire them to think about their habits and develop their personal plan by changing habits with the aim of a sustainable and healthy lifestyle was developed in the framework of the community program PS Lifestyle with the participation of Greece and other 7 countries.

By Sophia Emmanuel (

This is the Lifestyle Test created together with the citizens, in a series of Living Labs hosted in: Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia and Turkey. Greece was represented in this collaboration by E.K.POI.ZO. As Anna Michalopoulou, communication specialist of E.K.POI.ZO, reports in the CSR Index, the tool that is now available to the public, started from a Finnish practice adopted in 2016-17. It has evolved and now enables actions on many levels from changing the car to a less polluting model to choices that lead to money savings. It includes a total of 100 actions and promises to change consumption habits.

The budget of the project is 4 million euros with a horizon of March 2025. In the first phase, the goal is to inform the public and make use of the “Lifestyle Test” tool. The goal that has been set is to get 525,000 users on the platform, while the result of the action will be judged when it is calculated how many of these users adopted greener practices. There, the bar reaches 52,500 citizens until the completion of the program in March 2025.

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