With the support of Affidea the 12th Panhellenic Patient Conference


The Affidea Group supported the realization of the 12th Panhellenic Patient Congress, the largest annual consultation and dialogue forum of representatives of Patient Associations from all over Greece with the political leadership, the academic and scientific community and health professionals.

The Panhellenic Patients’ Conference, organized by the Hellenic Patients’ Association, took place on November 20 and 21, 2023 at the Divani Caravel Hotel, with a simultaneous webcast for the general public.

With the title “Co-shaping a New NHS”, the topics of the two-day conference covered important and thorny issues related to the formation of a fair and sustainable National Health System, 40 years after its establishment, such as prevention and primary health care, climate crisis, participation of patients in decision-making on health policies, new Health Charter and private spending on Health, evaluation of health services provided, as well as patient access to innovation and clinical studies.

The Greek Patients’ Union is the tertiary association of non-profit associations and patient federations from all over Greece and the entire range of therapeutic categories.
The priority of the Affidea Group, the largest Primary Health Care Group in Europe, is to strengthen initiatives related to improving the quality of life of citizens and promoting health.

In this context, Affidea actively participates in important conferences that contribute to the development of the dialogue on key health policy issues.

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