Healthy entrepreneurship and innovation were awarded by EEA


Healthy entrepreneurship, innovation and extroversion were highlighted through the institution of the “Sustainable – Innovative & Responsible Entrepreneurship” Awards of the Professional Chamber of Athens (EEA). Businesses distinguished for their multi-level action were awarded yesterday at the “Stavros Niarchos” Foundation Cultural Center by the EEA.

Speaking about the institution, Mr. G. Hatzitheodosiou, president of the EEA, stated that “we reward businesses that have invested in innovation, extroversion, new technologies, green solutions and practices, collaboration and networking. We reward businesses with history and tradition in the market. Businesses that have withstood time and difficulties. That evolved and developed. We reward businesses that dare to present new ideas and solutions. We reward dynamic teams and people – men and women – who are the modern, promising face of entrepreneurship in our country.

At the same time, because our Chamber was and remains an active part of society, we honor for another year people, our fellow citizens, who distinguished themselves for their achievements as well as their contribution to society as a whole. We honor people who inspire us with their will, courage and commitment to their goals. We honor people who showed in difficult times what duty and a sense of responsibility for fellow man means. We symbolically honor the people who throw themselves into battle every now and then with self-sacrifice, to protect our lives, properties and environment from natural disasters. All these businesses, groups, people, who will rise to this step – continue to be a source of hope for all of us.”

Referring to the policy towards businesses and the initiative that must be taken to support them, he said that “it is time to design and implement in Greece a new National Strategy for small and medium entrepreneurship.

A strategy that will bring small and medium enterprises to the center – and not to the sidelines – of the country’s development effort. And this is not a choice, but a necessity. Because there can be no real development, with duration, with resilience and with conditions of social cohesion, without healthy and strong small and medium enterprises. In Greece, but also throughout Europe, it is the driving force of innovation, development and employment. They are the ones that produce more than 50% of the GDP of the European Union.

It is the small and medium-sized enterprises that have a decisive role in the digital and green transformation of Europe. In building a sustainable economy, with technological self-reliance and resilience to crises. All this applies to Greece in multiples”.

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