Yeh Hai Chahatein 19 March 2024 Written Update: Karun asks Kaashvi

Yeh Hai Chahatein 19 March 2024 Episode, Written Update on Video episode 19th March 2024.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 19 March 2024 Occasion begins with Karun asks Kaashvi to stay there for many further days. Mahima tells Karun that Bajwa house isn’t Kaashvi’s house so Kaashvi has to leave. Kaashvi tells Karun that he can meet her whenever he wants. Aditya tells Kaashvi that he’ll stay for her outside the house and leaves the house. Jagadish tells thanks to Kaashvi. Kaashvi gets emotional and leaves from there. Karun cries. Arjun consoles Karun. Mahima learns about Karun’s academy fun and games. She tells Romila that Karun’s academy fun and games is hereafter and ladies trip also beginning hereafter.

Romila tells Mahima that she can not cancel ladies trip. Mahima says that she do not want to cancel ladies trip. She cancel the communication about Karun’s academy trip. After some time, Mahima tells Arjun that she and Romila going to Delhi for ladies trip. Arjun asks Mahima that how can she go when Karun need her now. She tells him that she’ll go for trip and he’s also father so he should take care of Karun. Jagadish tells Arjun that let Mahima go. Coming day, Karun and Arjun learns about parents- pupil fun and games. Karun asks Arjun that how can they go now because Mahima isn’t there.

Arjun tells Karun that they will go for sure. Karun gets happy after hearing this and goes to have breakfast. Arjun calls Kaashvi and tells her about family fun and games. He requests her to join him and Karun. Kaashvi agrees to join them. She tells Aditya that Mahima isn’t in the megacity and she has to go to academy fun and games for Karun. Aditya tells Kaashvi that she should go and he know she will not hear him indeed if he oppose her. She nods at him and laughs. latterly, Karun tells Arjun that everyone came with their parents so they should return home.

Arjun tells Karun that there’s a surprise for the ultimate. Kaashvi comes there. Karun gets happy seeing Kaashvi. He says that Kaashvi can not come there because she isn’t his mama . Arjun tells Karun that Kaashvi is the latter’s Maasi so she can come. He says that he’ll talk to Karun’s academy schoolteacher and star. Karun gets happy and goes outside. He goes to play with his friend Piyush. Arjun tells thanks to Kaashvi for coming. Kaashvi tells Arjun that she likes to spend time with Karun and they should enjoy the fun and games. Host announces a game for parents.

Karun asks Arjun and Kaashvi to make him feel proud. Arjun says that they will win all the games moment. Kaashvi agrees with Arjun. Karun says that it’s Karun’s happy family. Kaashvi sprains her leg during the race. Karun goes to Kaashvi. Kaashvi tells sorry to Karun. Arjun carries Kaashvi and win the race( Title song plays in the background). Karun gets happy seeing this. Kaashvi leverages Arjun in happiness. Karun joins them.

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