Yeh Hai Chahatein 23 March 2024 episode Written Update: Kaashvi tells the police

Yeh Hai Chahatein 23 March 2024 Episode, Written Update on Video episode 23rd March 2024.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 23 March 2024 occasion begins when a terrorist decides to release Mataji and a police officer. Kaashvi tells the police officer to inform the police to enter the bank through the door. Meanwhile, Aditya hopes that terrorists kill Arjun. He decides to bandy the delivery plan with Kaashvi, and he searches for her. He calls her and asks her, Where is she? Kaashvi picks up the call and tells him that she’s inside the bank. He scolds her for going inside the bank. She tells him that Mataji and the police officer are coming outdoors. A terrorist abducts Kaashvi and tells Aditya to fulfill his demands. He warns Aditya not to try to act smart and disconnects the call. Aditya tells himself that Kaashvi shouldn’t have gone outside. He thinks that he has to shoot Arjun no matter what. He decides to cooperate with terrorists to deliver hostages. A terrorist releases Mataji and a police officer.

Kaashvi tells Arjun that Aditya will enter the bank with the police platoon through the go-down way. The terrorist tells Kaashvi that he wants a director now. She tells him that she and Arjun will accompany the ultimate. He refuses. She says that terrorists do not know who’s manager. He agrees to take her with him. They go outside. A police officer informs Aditya about the back entrance. Aditya learns that Arjun is alive, but the terrorists remove Arjun’s pellet evidence jacket. He goes to the back entrance with the police and shoots a terrorist. He goes outside and thinks that he’ll become an idol by delivering hostages. He decides to shoot Arjun or make sure the terrorist shoots Arjun because he will not get another chance like this. director opens the locker. A terrorist steals cash and gold. Kaashvi hopes Aditya got her communication. She sees Aditya hiding behind the pillar. She asks Arjun to save hostages at any cost. Aditya warns terrorists to release hostages. He reveals that he killed one of the terrorists formerly.

The terrorist says that he’ll kill Kaashvi and Arjun. Aditya and the police shoot terrorists. Arjun helps hostages escape. Aditya sees Arjun and thinks that it’s a stylish time to kill Arjun. He murmurs that no bone will learn; he shoots Arjun, and he shoots Arjun. Arjun falls down. Kaashvi gets shocked seeing this and goes to Arjun. She tells him that she will not let anything happen to him. Aditya shoots another terrorist. The terrorist master surrenders himself. Kaashvi tells Aditya about Arjun’s condition. Aditya tells her that nothing will happen to Arjun. They admit Arjun to the sanitarium. Kaashv pleads with the doctor to save Arjun and cries. Aditya consoles Kaashvi. He tells her that the doctor will save Arjun. Kaashvi asks God to save Arjun. After some time, the doctor tells Kaashvi that Arjun is still in critical condition, so he cannot say anything for now.

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