Fire increases of up to 12.5% ​​in health insurance premiums


Higher health insurance premiums are paid by policyholders with price increases ranging from 4% to 12.5% ​​depending on the company and the policies.

of Vicky Gerasimos

According to information, there is a deterioration in the compensations given by the companies, with some health programs showing an increase in the loss index of up to 20%. This burden, combined with the increases due to age changes, have led to a “surge” in insurance premiums, which in this period makes it very difficult for consumers who have to respond to an extremely unfavorable financial situation.

Information from the companies said that a large increase in the frequency of hospitalizations in private clinics from July onwards, largely attributed to viral infections, as well as high inflation have led to the hikes in premiums.

We remind you that in terms of health programs, the reduction of the benefits of private clinics to insurance ones in terms of emergencies was also recently recorded. And this factor, with some exceptions, may add a burden to the money insured are asked to pay when they go to the emergency room only and there is no hospitalization.

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