Only excuses and promises for a solution to uninsured vehicles


The president of the Professional Chamber of Athens (E.E.A.) and honorary doctor of PAPEI mentioned the issue of uninsured vehicles and the lack of will on the part of the state to find a solution regarding the existence of an effective system of electronic intersections. Mr. Yiannis Hatzitheodosiou, speaking to

As he pointed out, “only excuses and promises that the electronic intersection mechanism will be activated and uninsured vehicles will be identified, we have been receiving for years from the authorities. Enough of dragging the country down.

These vehicles and their delinquent drivers circulate among us every day. Greece has the negative lead among EU countries. as it is the only one that is unable to proceed to electronic – efficient – intersections and to locate these vehicles through the state’s databases”.

According to the data provided by Mr. Hatzitheodosiou, it is estimated that approximately 500,000 vehicles, perhaps even more, are currently uninsured and constitute a “circulating risk”.

“Being involved in such a vehicle in an accident entails the inconvenience of years for the payment of the relevant compensation, with the result that the consistent insured drivers are thus “punished”. Officials are defiant that as long as uninsured vehicles continue to drive around, they are a public hazard. They are indifferent to the fact that the relevant legislation that has been in force since 2015 is not being implemented. In modern Greece, it seems as if we punish the law-abiding and let the offenders have fun in denial, because that is the only way someone can interpret it, and no longer as weakness , of the state to locate them.

The Athens Chamber of Commerce has been asking for the resolution of the issue for years. The commitments we have received throughout this time are many and frequent. But no result. The officials have several times through their public statements created the impression that we are close to the solution. Ultimately, however, the problem remains. Our patience has run out. The dialogue that has been started for so many years is proving fruitless. Something must be done immediately. Let’s stop the bleeding of this social and economic wound that is perpetuated over time and unjustifiably. I personally think that we should move on to the next day and we should not forget that the responsibilities have a name.”

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